Accident Insurance For Children Have You Thought About It

Accident Insurance For Children Have You Thought About It

Accident Insurance For Children Have you​ Thought About It?
Have you​ thought about providing financial security for your children in​ case they are seriously injured in​ an accident of​ any kind? the​ possibility of​ an accident putting your child in​ a​ wheelchair for life,​ is​ not one that anyone likes to​ think about. ​
Not thinking about the​ possibility does not take that chance away though.
Parents are increasingly recognizing that it​ is​ necessary to​ insure their children against accidents. ​
They want to​ know that in​ the​ event of​ anything untoward happening to​ their son or​ daughter,​ that at ​ least there will be no financial hardship; that their child’s financial needs will be provided for the​ next 70 years if ​ necessary.
Health insurance for children is​ normally included in​ family health insurance policies and​ is​ obviously worthwhile. ​
Is that enough?
Health insurance for children may cover illnesses and​ broken bones,​ but rarely covers everything that can happen to​ a​ child.
Your family health insurance policy cover may not include
Accidents on​ school trips. ​
The school may well have insurance,​ but is​ it​ enough to​ provide a​ lifetime of​ care if ​ your child has a​ serious head injury while skiing?
Car accidents with drivers who are not insured. ​
Sadly many children are injured every year when uninsured drivers hit them. ​
The worst drivers almost always have no insurance.
Mental health is​ not always adequately covered in​ a​ general family health insurance policy.
Death. ​
Health care insurance policies rarely pay out if ​ the​ insured person is​ killed. ​
Money will be needed for counselling for siblings and​ parents as​ well as​ funeral costs.
An increasing number of​ parents are asking insurance companies about insurance for children to​ cover these and​ other eventualities. ​
Ask an insurance broker about the​ different policies available and​ their costs. ​
The cost is​ low,​ because the​ risk is​ a​ low one. ​
Insuring against that low risk though,​ could mean a​ world of​ difference to​ your son or​ daughter.

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