Accelerated Nursing Program

Accelerated Nursing Program
There is​ such a​ demand for people to​ enter the field of​ nursing that many new programs are being developed to​ certify nurses in​ record time .​
There are a​ number of​ options available and an​ accelerated nursing program is​ usually the most popular option among those who want to​ enter the field of​ medicine.
Some people may not be comfortable knowing that nurses can be trained in​ very little time .​
However, a​ good accelerated nursing program will be through and effective in​ helping the future nurse master the skills required for the job .​
One thing to​ consider is​ the traits of​ a​ good nurse .​
The skills required to​ be an​ effective nurse are not completely taught in​ the classroom .​
Some people have the natural talent to​ be in​ this field while others will never master the job no matter how many hours they spend in​ the classroom .​
An accelerated nursing program recognizes that the technical skills need to​ be targeted while the more subtle skills that the job requires are often inherit in​ the individual .​
Many patients have encountered the perfect nurse but few of​ us think about why that person was so good at​ his job .​
There are some qualities that a​ good nurse has that can not be taught .​
Consider your best encounter with a​ nurse .​
She probably had the ability to​ put you at​ ease in​ just a​ few words .​
Or she could simply make you feel relaxed through her demeanor and approach .​
Describing such qualities in​ your caregiver is​ often difficult .​
There is​ something about the person that helps you through the difficult situation but you are not sure what it​ is .​
Of course, an​ accelerated nursing program does not go into depth on developing such qualities .​
Neither does an​ extended, traditional program .​
Now consider your worst encounter with a​ nurse .​
She was probably abrasive and indifferent .​
Maybe she was sarcastic .​
She may have made you feel as​ if​ you were a​ burden .​
She could have technically done everything right but you just feel awful after seeing her .​
Bedside manner is​ briefly covered in​ an​ accelerated nursing program but it​ is​ equally addressed in​ the traditional school .​
The nurse who made you feel uneasy was probably unaware of​ her effect on you .​
She was just doing her job .​
The fundamental difference between the good nurse and the bad one is​ their attitude toward the profession .​
The first nurse is​ caring for a​ person and she recognizes this .​
The second nurse is​ just doing her job.

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