About Vitamins Everything You Need To Know

About Vitamins Everything You Need To Know

About Vitamins Everything you need to​ know!
Learning about vitamins can be confusing,​ especially when you are trying to​ figure out just what type of​ supplements you should be taking. ​
We’ve all been told at ​ one time or​ another,​ that if ​ we​ ate a​ nutritionally balanced meal three times a​ day we​ wouldn’t need dietary supplements or​ need to​ know about vitamins,​ but of​ course,​ this just isn’t realistic in​ our society. ​

A huge number of​ us are stressed out on​ a​ routine basis,​ and​ don’t always have time to​ eat at ​ all let alone a​ nutritionally balanced meal and​ three of​ them?!. ​
Vitamins should never be substituted for good nutritional intake. ​
Your body needs fuel to​ accomplish all the​ tasks you have to​ attend to​ in​ a​ day. ​
a​ good diet is​ one with plenty of​ calcium,​ protein,​ fats,​ carbohydrates,​ and​ fiber supplemented by vitamins as​ needed for specific health concerns. ​

Many food items are enriched with vitamins and​ minerals,​ like breads,​ pastas,​ and​ cereals. ​
Information about vitamins listed on​ packaging includes the​ percentage of​ the​ daily recommended allowance of​ each,​ which will give you a​ pretty good idea how much you are getting of​ a​ certain vitamin or​ mineral. ​
Calcium is​ an important mineral for women,​ and​ most sources about vitamins state that women should consume at ​ least 12001500 mg of​ calcium daily. ​
Most calcium supplements only contain 3050% of​ the​ recommended daily amounts and​ must be supplemented by diet intake of​ other sources,​ such as​ cheese,​ yogurt,​ milk,​ and​ ice cream. ​
About vitamin D,​ this is​ an important vitamin and​ is​ essential to​ bone health,​ and​ is​ included in​ some calcium supplements as​ well. ​
Vitamin D can be absorbed through the​ skin via sunlight as​ well,​ but for people living in​ northern states,​ or​ for the​ elderly,​ this is​ not always an option,​ therefore a​ vitamin supplement is​ the​ answer. ​

Part of​ taking care of​ yourself is​ learning about vitamins and​ minerals that our bodies require for optimal health. ​
Many sources are available to​ you to​ learn more about vitamins and​ how certain vitamin deficiencies as​ well as​ excess intake can be detrimental to​ your health. ​
It’s important to​ take an active role in​ your health,​ and​ be knowledgeable about vitamins in​ your cabinet and​ which are right for you. ​
In addition to​ searching on​ the​ web,​ you can find an abundance of​ information about vitamins in​ various health publications,​ or​ you can even consult a​ nutritionist or​ naturopathic physician for advice about vitamins and​ supplements,​ and​ how you can implement them into your diet. ​
Here’s to​ your good health!

About Vitamins Everything You Need To Know

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