About Comercial Tanning Beds

About Comercial Tanning Beds

About comercial tanning beds
What is​ a​ Commercial Tanning Bed?
If you are looking to invest in a​ Tanning salon then you will need to purchase several commercial tanning beds. ​
a​ commercial tanning bed is​ not the​ same as​ your inhome consumer tanning bed and​ ​ there are at ​ least two different styles to choose from.
What is​ a​ Commercial Tanning Bed?
A commercial tanning bed is​ a​ tanning unit that is​ designed to withstand the​ constant demands placed on it​ by repeatable use. ​
Unlike a​ home unit these commercial tanning beds will be used several times a​ day. ​
Commercial is​ generally more powerful for​ example if​ ​ a​ home tanning bed has the​ same number of​ lamps, for​ example 24, then the​ voltage may be lower. ​
Commercial tanning beds will typically use a​ 220v unlike the​ home version which will tend to use 110v.
Are there Different Types?
A commercial tanning bed can be found in two types. ​
You have your typical tanning bed where you lay down during your tanning session. ​
Then you have an upright unit also referred to as​ a​ standup commercial tanning bed. ​
This type of​ unit gives you the​ ability to stand during your tanning session which tends to run around 8 min. ​
This style also gives you the​ option of​ adding a​ dressing room to it​ so you can undress and​ ​ tan all in the​ same unit.
The Benefits of​ Using a​ Commercial Tanning Bed
Ask any dermatologist what is​ the​ worst thing you can do to your skin and​ ​ they will tell you exposing your skin to the​ suns UV rays. ​
By using a​ commercial tanning bed you can get skin that looks sunkissed without the​ need to expose yourself to the​ damage that tanning in the​ sun can do.
By using a​ commercial tanning bed will also save you time. ​
Unlike laying in the​ hot sun for​ hours, each tanning session on a​ commercial tanning bed will only run from 8 minutes to 15 minutes. ​
The time for​ each session depends upon how many lamps are on the​ tanning bed and​ ​ how many watts are generated during the​ session. ​
So getting rich looking skin can actually be done during a​ lunch hour or​ quickly after work on your way home. ​

Does a​ Commercial Tanning Bed Come With a​ Warranty?
Almost every manufacture offers a​ warranty. ​
The industry standard seems to be a​ 90day on lamps, parts and​ ​ labor. ​
Then you have an additional 5 year limited warranty for​ manufacturing defects. ​
Some manufactures cover other charges such as​ an extended laboronly warranty for​ the​ first 6 months.
Is their Financing Available for​ a​ Commercial Tanning Bed?
Yes there is​ financing available. ​
Almost every manufacture offers financing for​ their tanning beds. ​
Most offer a​ lease with an optional buy out at ​ the​ end. ​
This is​ a​ great way to go because you need to only come up with a​ first, last and​ ​ security payment which is​ usually a​ very small payment. ​
Then at ​ the​ end of​ the​ leasing period you typically have a​ dollar buy out which means your last payment will be for​ $1 and​ ​ the​ commercial tanning bed is​ now yours.

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