A Writers Life For Me

A Writers Life For Me

It may be the hope of​ all who have ever put pen to​ paper that they might be able to​ write on a​ full-time basis. The romantic notion of​ a​ writer's life is​ compelling enough to​ many to​ find them seeking ways to​ make a​ living by crafting the written word.

David Boles is​ the publisher and Editor-in-Chief of​ Go Inside Magazine. Boles indicates his day starts at​ 8:00 a.m. and he rarely finishes writing until midnight. Boles has additional words of​ wisdom for new writers.

1. You will not get rich overnight

Some of​ Boles' advice runs counter to​ the idealistic notion of​ what a​ writer's life is​ supposed to​ be, "The best thing you can do to​ prepare yourself for the life of​ a​ writer is​ to​ make certain you have a​ steady form of​ income that will cover your monthly nut."

2. Creativity may be overrated

Boles also indicates creativity is​ less about devising something altogether new and more about a​ willingness to​ find new ingredients for an​ old recipe, "There's nothing new in​ the world and good writing is​ simply reinventing what has come before you in​ a​ new and delightful way."

3. Muse cooperation is​ not optional

While many writers feel that creative inspiration is​ required if​ you are to​ write anything of​ meaning, Boles has a​ more pragmatic approach to​ writing, "Making yourself sit down and create is​ more important than the desire to​ write."

4. an​ understanding spouse is​ worth their weight in​ gold

When you sit in​ front of​ your word processor for hours on end it​ may be difficult for others to​ see how what you are doing has much meaning, but Boles indicates if​ you are called to​ write you should, "Find someone who understands your need to​ write -- for writing is​ a​ lonesome life and sharing that isolation with someone who unconditionally accepts your Calling is​ paramount to​ protecting your sanity and career."

5. Writer's Block

Boles has some very straightforward advice for those who may feel they are experiencing a​ season of​ writer's block, "Write. Just write. There is​ nothing else."

It should be clear that the life of​ a​ writer is​ not a​ pristine existence where creative thoughts are ever-present and publishers are always willing to​ publish your material. a​ writer's life is​ hard work and rarely filled with instant gratification. However, for those who have experienced the call to​ write it​ is​ difficult to​ imagine a​ life lived any other way.

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