A World Of Infinite Opportunities

Many people feel that there is​ a​ limited amount of​ abundance, wealth, or​ chances to​ succeed in​ life. Furthermore, there is​ a​ solid belief that if​ one person succeeds, another must fail.

This might be true, in​ some cases, such as​ in​ a​ small company or​ school, where opportunity is​ limited by management. However, the world is​ a​ big place, and there are opportunities created from ideas that help people, and no one gets hurt in​ the process.

Below are two examples of​ success that have not taken anything away from anyone:

Danny Thomas: With his promise, prayers, and vision, for St. Jude’s Hospital, he received the help of​ friends in​ the Arab-American community to​ build a​ fantastic charity. Some of​ us also believe he received divine help – I know, I do.

There is​ much more to​ this story, but what did this hospital or​ charity take away from anyone? Aren’t the children who recover from cancer living proof that this idea, and prosperity, is​ for the pure benefit of​ mankind? There is​ no one who is​ hurt by this, and Marlo Thomas has picked up where her father left off.

Yoga teachers: Many unfulfilled members of​ the workforce have left their jobs to​ teach the benefits of​ Yoga to​ the masses. They teach their students to​ enjoy life, deal with stress, breathe properly, improve their posture, become aware of​ their bodies, and many more benefits.

Most Yoga teachers believe that all of​ the great Yoga jobs are in​ health clubs, ashrams, and Yoga studios. Not so, in​ my book “How to​ Grow Your Own Successful Yoga Business,” I mention 16 ways to​ start up with little or​ no overhead.

Within the first chapter, there are Yoga teaching opportunities that currently exist with little, or​ no, competition. Yoga teachers who have taken this advice have become successful and prosperous.

Do these jobs take food away from anyone? When someone starts a​ business, do they take food away from another competitor? if​ you believe your competition is​ your problem, it​ will be. This is​ limited thinking, and you have to​ learn to​ think “outside the box,” in​ order to​ be successful in​ life.

Don’t waste time on bad thoughts. You can easily co-exist in​ harmony with them, become friends, and learn from them. There is​ enough opportunity for everyone. This should be your mantra: Observe your competition, learn from their mistakes, and when possible, copy their success.

This is​ why you need to​ take a​ mandatory vacation and get fresh ideas. This is​ why you should take a​ notebook with you. I still prefer the “old fashioned,” spiral bound notebook, with a​ pen in​ hand.

Everyone has a​ niche, make sure you cultivate yours, and develop your own identity, in​ life. Always remember, the sky is​ the limit, and you are only restrained by your own thoughts.

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