A Word Of Warning About Home Inspections When Buying

A Word of​ Warning About Home Inspections When Buying
When you make the decision to​ purchase a​ home, you are committing to​ a​ lot of​ debt .​
You want a​ home inspection, but be careful with your choice of​ inspectors.
A Word of​ Warning About Home Inspections When Buying
When purchasing a​ home, it​ should be required that the buyer set up a​ home inspection on the home .​
This home inspection is​ designed to​ ensure the home is​ in​ good condition and to​ notify the buyer of​ any potential problems in​ the home .​
However, there are some things that potential buyers should be aware of​ when having a​ home inspection done.
In order to​ ensure that the home inspection goes properly, it​ is​ important for the buyer to​ be careful about which home inspection service to​ go with .​
Often times, the seller or​ seller’s realtor will make a​ suggestion for a​ home inspection service .​
Often, they will even offer discounts for using the service .​
Should you go with the discounted service offered by the seller?
Sure, the discount can be good, but you could potentially be setting yourself up for a​ big loss in​ the future .​
To understand why, first understand that the real estate agent has a​ pretty big commission on the line .​
Real estate agents often make 6 to​ 8 percent of​ the total sale .​
This means they have a​ lot riding on every sale and they are looking to​ close out every deal they can .​
While ethics should drive them to​ be fair in​ every sale, the sad reality is​ they are looking after the seller and their commission, not you .​
Hardly a​ surprising statement, eh?
Home inspection services recommended by the agent often carry an​ unspoken agreement .​
If the inspection reports are favorable to​ the seller, the inspector will get more business .​
If they are not, the seller’s agent will find someone else for future deals .​
Human nature suggests this situation can lead to​ certain deficiencies being overlooked by the home inspector, a​ fact you will inevitably pay for in​ the future.
The bottom line is​ that you, as​ a​ buyer, need to​ be aware of​ the importance of​ objective home inspections .​
The inspection is​ going to​ tell you if​ there are any problems with your potential dream home .​
If there are, you can demand the seller have them repaired, lower the price or​ pay cash funds at​ closing so you can have it​ done .​
If you use an​ inspector recommended by the seller or​ seller’s agent, you run the risk of​ missing some major problem with the property .​
Don’t do it!

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