A Viable Opportunity Of Uploading Music Videos Creating Polls And Quizzes In An Online Community Based On Social Networking

A Viable Opportunity Of Uploading Music Videos Creating Polls And
Quizzes In An Online Community Based On Social Networking

The Pop Nation is​ a​ social networking platform that allows users to​ upload videos, music and​ image content. it​ creates an​ online environment for​ users to​ network, meet new people and​ interact with each other through chat rooms and​ members can form groups and​ post their events, they can also express their opinions through posting blogs, holding discussions in​ the​ forum and​ creating polls.

They offer an​ online community that brings people from every nation into one nation, the​ Pop Nation. an​ online community where you can meet new friends, share ideas on popular trends and​ everything else. Once you sign-up you can network and​ develop friendships and​ relationships with people from all over the​ world.

The chat rooms feature allows you to​ make contact with desired users. This provides a​ way of​ getting friends from varied regions and​ countries, people with the​ same interests like yours and​ many other advantages. in​ addition there is​ an​ instant messenger that lets you link and​ chat in​ real time instantly.

The system includes Polls creation, giving an​ option to​ choose one of​ the​ most viral ways of​ conducting surveys. You can also make use of​ the​ Article submission features that lets you submit articles from Forums or​ Blogs to​ some popular social bookmarking sites.

Upload videos from many sites or​ directly from your computer. Members can also upload their own music and​ create play lists. Artists can also sign up and​ use this feature to​ promote their own music through the​ website.

Other fun features include Quiz creation which lets you create quizzes and​ let friends and​ other members post answers. the​ Gallery enables pictures to​ be uploaded and​ ranked by other members. There is​ also a​ battle feature that lets members to​ have a​ photo battle. Forums are available to​ hold discussions on several topics.

The Classified section lets you post and​ view classified ads which are free to​ post.You can also Post Events and​ invite friends and​ other members. These are just the​ few features available on the​ site. Regular use of​ the​ site enables members to​ accumulate points that can later be used to​ earn prizes through promotions that would be run by the​ site.

The best thing is​ the​ site is​ totally Free to​ join and​ you will never be charged at​ any time. Online community is​ the​ preferred method of​ meeting people online.

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