A Unified Conferencing Solution Audio Video Webconference

a unified conferencing solution: audio-video-WEBconference
Many years of​ running voice messaging and​ electronic mail, we have lost sight that essential communications happens during real time and​ not differed time .​
Although, we've all had the​ occasion to​ experiment with direct communication technology like: audio-conference, videoconference and​ WEB conference.
Each of​ these technologies presents advantages accompanied by their disadvantages .​
Audioconferencing transports voices to​ many while leaving us in​ the​ dark .​
Videoconferencing gives us color but it​ is​ not useful for​ collaboration around a​ presentation or​ a​ document .​
For the​ most part, WEB-conferencing is​ designed to​ collaborate with screen sharing and​ sometimes giving the​ impression of​ talking into space.

Today, unified conferencing integrates audio, video and​ WEBconference onto one interface for​ PC .​
It replicates in​ the​ domain of​ conferences what unified messaging has realized while integrating vocal messaging with email .​
Although, it's the​ screen sharing that changes everything making participants in​ a​ WEBconference, actors and​ not just spectators .​
That constitutes the​ most important catalyst of​ collaboration and​ source of​ synergy in​ the​ organizations .​

Tele-efficiency also releases, Accessware, a​ bi-directional remote screen sharing add-on for​ Conferenceware, its unified conferencing solution .​
During a​ WEBconference with Accessware, the​ presenter could show the​ screen of​ a​ participant to​ all .​
Inversely, he or​ she could give control of​ his/her screen to​ another participant, which then becomes a​ co-presenter.

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