A Tourist Guide To Prague

A Tourist Guide To Prague

Prague is​ the capital of​ the Czech Republic and is​ located on the Vltava River in​ central Bohemia. in​ recent years the city has grown very popular among tourists. it​ is​ an​ affordable holiday destination for people of​ all ages and is​ characterized with a​ romantic, medieval and historic appeal.

Travelling to​ Prague

Flying is​ easy as​ the local Ruzyne Airport is​ international and deals with flights from all over the world. Other options of​ getting to​ Prague include trains and buses, both of​ which travel to​ and from Prague frequently everyday.


The city of​ Prague has many popular areas for accommodation. All provide easy access to​ the city centre, shops, restaurants and attractions. Hotels are the most popular choice for accommodation and these are often historic and magnificent looking buildings. Be sure to​ book in​ advance as​ the city can be busy and if​ you can’t handle noise in​ the early hours, stay closer to​ the outskirts.

Dining Choices

The majority of​ people looking to​ eat out in​ restaurants in​ Prague go to​ the Old Town Square. This has many restaurants and cafes that offer a​ wide range of​ international cuisine. The traditional Czech cuisine is​ mainly meals of​ meat and dumplings that is​ often not everyone’s first choice. However, their beer is​ delicious, popular and very cheap.


Prague has a​ vast history that dates right back to​ 870 AD. Years later Charles IV (1346-1378) united Prague as​ his home. at​ the end of​ WWI the Republic of​ Czechoslovakia was formed and democracy was achieved in​ 1989. These days, Prague is​ the capital of​ the Czech Republic and a​ member state of​ the European Union.

Prague Sights and Attractions

The main highlight of​ the city is​ the huge Prague Castle (Prazsky Hrad). it​ is​ the one of​ the biggest castles in​ the world and a​ focal point of​ the city. By taking a​ walk through the small streets and lanes within the city, you get the feeling of​ being back in​ time as​ its historic feel character is​ obvious to​ say the least. The architecture in​ the Old Town Square is​ impressive if​ you are interested in​ buildings and construction.

Shopping in​ Prague

The city centre is​ the popular choice for shopping in​ Prague. The centre is​ packed with high street, unique and quaint shops. Painted marionettes, hand-cut crystal and bohemian jewellery is​ the most regularly sold goods. if​ fashion is​ of​ more interest to​ you then be sure to​ check out the malls in​ the city and the markets.

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