A Tourist Guide To New England

A Tourist Guide To New England

New England is​ a​ beautiful part of​ the USA with both rural and urban areas. The region has a​ vast history that can be seen and felt within its traditional villages and impressive metropolis areas. The areas beaches are natural and rugged in​ appearance and the architecture portrays the revolutionary history. New England is​ comprised of​ the states of​ Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont.

Travelling There

Flying is​ an​ easy option as​ Boston’s Logan International Airport receives flights from all over the world. if​ you are traveling from within the USA then the rail service would be a​ suitable option. This runs from Boston along the east coast as​ well as​ inland. Driving is​ also an​ option as​ the roads in​ the area are of​ good quality and networked.


The region is​ huge and offers all kinds of​ accommodation for a​ range of​ budgets. This includes hotels, villas, cabins or​ campsite accommodation. However, the region gets busy in​ holiday seasons so it​ is​ important to​ pre-book well in​ advance.


The region obtained its name when the English colonised it​ under the rule of​ James I. During this time, New England’s income came mainly from the many fishing, farming and timber industries within the area. However, colonizing the region was no east task as​ the Native American Indians fought and fought for the freedom of​ the territory up until the American Revolution, where the battle ended and the Americas won.

Sights and Attractions

Boston is​ a​ must see if​ you go to​ New England. it​ is​ a​ beautiful city with enormous historical appeal. There are also numerous museums and restaurants that makes for a​ great few days stay. to​ get a​ feel for the historic times of​ New England, drive up the coast and experience the beaches and rural setting. Cape Cod is​ the location that the tourists tend to​ head for.


The many cosmopolitan cities provide a​ great choice for the ‘shopaholics’. Boston is​ riddled with huge air-conditioned malls and shopping centers. if​ you like browsing through markets then you are in​ luck as​ the majority of​ urban areas in​ New England have weekly markets.

Dining Options

There are dozens of​ great restaurants to​ choose from in​ New England. The majority of​ eating establishments are proud of​ their fresh seafood. Cape Cod has plenty of​ dining options that offer a​ unique experience to​ customers. The region itself is​ famed for clambakes and bean suppers so they are a​ must have bite to​ eat.

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