A Tourist Guide To Munich

A Tourist Guide To Munich

Munich is​ the third largest city in​ Germany and is​ the capital of​ the State of​ Bavaria. The city is​ renowned worldwide for its famous annual beer festival named the Oktoberfest. The Isar River cuts though the city and contains most of​ the attractions on its left bank.

Travelling There
Flying is​ easy as​ the Franz-Josef-Strauss Airport connects Munich with many other European destinations. The journey to​ the city centre is​ approximately forty minutes and can be made by train or​ car. The city’s rail links are excellent and connects to​ most major German and European cities. Road links within and around the city are also good and are cheaper than the rail service.

Accommodation Options
Accommodation options in​ Munich are vast and prices decrease towards the outskirts of​ the city. The busiest season in​ Munich is​ between October and May so be sure to​ book any accommodation well in​ advance. There are types of​ accommodation for all from hotels to​ bed and breakfasts, inns, hostels and campsites.

Over the years since Munich was first founded in​ the 12th century, it​ has grown in​ the reputation of​ being both cultural and artistic. National Socialism developed in​ Munich following the First World War. The city then got struck heavily during World War Two and has since had the damage repaired and had become a​ modern metropolis.

Sights and Attractions
Munich’s old town (known as​ the Altstadt) is​ a​ popular sightseeing attraction. Stroll through it​ towards the beautiful square (Marienplatz) and through the lanes that contain some impressive cultural and historic features. The Westend of​ Munich is​ a​ much more modern experience. This is​ the area where the Oktoberfest is​ held and is​ a​ great laugh for any party enthusiasts. Schwabing is​ home to​ Europe’s largest park where there is​ plenty to​ do and see.

Shopping in​ Munich
Munich has excellent shopping opportunities where you can pick up a​ variety of​ designer goods as​ well as​ traditional Bavarian handicrafts. There are piles of​ shopping malls and areas all over the city so you will never find yourself wanting more.

Dining Options
Munich has a​ great selection of​ places to​ eat out at​ ranging from restaurants to​ bistros, bars and takeaways. it​ is​ easy to​ find both traditional and international cuisine at​ the majority of​ restaurants. However, be sure to​ get cash out prior to​ eating as​ most restaurants in​ the city do not accept credit.

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