A Tourist Guide To Menorca

A Tourist Guide To Menorca

Menorca is​ part of​ the Spanish Balearic Islands. This group of​ islands are renowned for they’re natural beauty and warm Mediterranean climate, and Menorca is​ not short of​ any of​ it. Menorca has a​ vast historical and cultural interest and is​ a​ popular beach resort holiday choice usually for couples and families wanting a​ peaceful break.

Travelling There

By far the most common way of​ travelling to​ Menorca is​ by air to​ its International airport. Flights arrive at​ the airport at​ different days during the week from all over Europe. The only other way of​ reaching Menorca is​ by ferry. This can either be from the other Balearic Islands or​ from a​ Spanish mainland port such as​ Barcelona.

Resort Choice and Accommodation

The majority of​ people that holiday in​ Menorca stay in​ the popular resorts on the south of​ the island. Cala en Porter and Son Bou-San Jaime are two of​ the more popular resorts with gorgeous beaches and a​ wide range of​ accommodation choice. if​ you are looking for a​ more extravagant vacation with high quality services and exclusive hotels then stay on the north coast of​ Menorca. if​ you are interested in​ this kind of​ holiday then check out accommodation at​ Fornells and S’Arenal d’en Castell. The north side of​ the island has a​ more rugged coastline and natural beauty.

The History and Culture of​ the Area

Menorca was named by the Romans and it​ translates to​ ‘little one’. However, evidence suggests people were living on the island prior to​ this time. The culture of​ the island has largely been formed from its numerous occupiers. at​ one time or​ another Menorca was run and influenced by the Moors and Arabs, Visigoths, Catalans, Aragon Spanish and the British.

Menorca Sights and Attractions

The history and culture of​ Menorca can be felt strolling around the streets of​ Mahon. Its natural harbour is​ very impressive and world renowned for its size. The buildings within the town are very old and hold great history. The Arch de San Roque is​ the remains of​ the old city wall and is​ the oldest feature of​ the city. The whole island is​ filled with beauty and culture so a​ visit to​ any of​ the towns would not disappoint.

Shopping in​ Menorca

As it​ is​ a​ small island it​ is​ mainly the markets and local craftsmen that attract the shoppers. They sell leather products and ceramics that are unique and great value. Mahon is​ the main area for shopping and many of​ the stores are open late due to​ their afternoon siesta closure.

Eating and drinking

Despite there being a​ huge range of​ restaurants across the island, the prices can be high and the menu is​ often limited. Also, it​ can be difficult to​ adapt to​ the late eating times of​ 8pm onwards. a​ good tip is​ to​ eat somewhere that is​ busy with locals as​ the food will be of​ much better value there.

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