A Torrid Summer For British Sport

A Torrid Summer For British Sport

This summer promised so much for​ lovers of​ British Sport but as​ usual all of​ the​ hype led to​ some very below par performances and​ results. the​ football team in​ the​ World Cup were very boring to​ watch, played in​ a​ very negative way and​ never looked liked winning the​ tournament. in​ this article, I will be writing about this sporting event as​ well as​ looking at​ the​ Wimbledon tennis championships and​ the​ recent international cricket one-day series with Sri Lanka.

I was very excited about this summers sporting activities involving our British sporting stars. I really believed that England could have won the​ World Cup and​ still think that they should have. Our team has so much more talent in​ it​ than the​ eventual winners Italy, but had an​ inept coach who must have been laughing all the​ way to​ the​ bank, earning the​ crazy amounts that he did. Yes Wayne Rooney was stupid but how frustrated must he have been after being left to​ play up front on his own, this is​ a​ position which is​ not natural to​ him and​ is​ a​ huge waste of​ his talents.

Other players in​ the​ team such as​ Steven Gerrard and​ Frank Lampard looked shadows of​ their former selves and​ must have been completely bemused at​ the​ tactics employed. I am not really that enthused at​ the​ future prospects under Sven's understudy Steve McLaren. I think we need someone who is​ going to​ make some big decisions such as​ playing the​ youth when required and​ dropping players like Ferdinand when they are not performing.

At the​ Wimbledon tennis championships the​ British challenge died out before it​ seemed to​ have got started. I have to​ admit that I did not really hold out any hope for​ any of​ our players but it​ was the​ way in​ which they lost that upset me the​ most. Where has the​ British bull dog spirit gone? These players may as​ well have held up a​ white a​ flag in​ the​ first set for​ the​ effort they seemed to​ put in​ after this point.

In the​ latest one-day cricket international series against Sri Lanka, England lost all five matches. Perhaps they are saving themselves for​ the​ ashes tour of​ Australia, if​ they win over there I will let them off I suppose. the​ team has also had quite a​ few of​ their big time players out injured but again just like at​ Wimbledon it​ was the​ way in​ which the​ team lost that was the​ most annoying thing.

It really has been a​ summer which promised so much but one which I will now happily forget. Lets think positive, things can only get better!

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