A Sweet Treat With Honey For The Skin

A Sweet Treat With Honey For The Skin

A Sweet Treat With Honey For the​ Skin
For the​ ultimate natural all round healing potion,​ try Honey. ​
Thanks to​ Cleopatra’s milk and​ honey baths,​ Honey has become a​ favourite with one and​ all to​ be used in​ beauty regime. ​
Beside Cleopatra,​ there were other beauties from the​ past,​ who swear by honey being an indispensable ingredient in​ beauty treatments.
Pollution,​ dirt,​ and​ other chemical agents in​ the​ air make the​ skin lose its ability to​ retain water,​ making it​ look dry,​ wrinkled and​ aging the​ person bit earlier. ​
The natural hydrating and​ antioxidant properties of​ honey trap and​ seal the​ moisture,​ rejuvenate the​ skin,​ cleanse the​ complexion leaving it​ soft and​ supple.
Honey in​ its purest form is​ suitable for all skin types’ even sensitive skin. ​
Beauticians suggest using honey abundantly for radiant complexion. ​
Skin care products like baths,​ shower gels,​ face creams,​ skin lotions,​ moisturizers,​ body scrubs and​ even newborns products contain pure honey.
Treat your self to​ some simple natural skin care remedies with honey at ​ your home
¼ cup of​ honey to​ your bath keeps your skin soft and​ supple.
Dry skin = 1 tsp honey,​ vegetable oil each and​ ¼ tsp of​ lemon juice. ​
Pat it​ on​ dry areas of​ your skin,​ leave for 10 mins and​ rinse with water. ​

Make a​ moisturizing mask with 1 tsp of​ honey,​ 1 egg yolk,​ ½ tsp almond oil and​ 1 tsp yoghurt. ​
Apply on​ your face,​ neck and​ other parts of​ your body. ​
Leave for 15 minutes and​ rinse off with water. ​
You skin will feel moisturized and​ polished with tightened pores.
For the​ silkysmooth skin,​ mix ¼ cup of​ honey and​ 3 tsp of​ rosewater. ​
Apply to​ face,​ neck avoiding sensitive areas around the​ eye. ​
Massage well and​ rinse with lukewarm water and​ enjoy the​ sensation of​ an all different skin.
Open the​ pores on​ your face by place a​ cloth dipped in​ warm water. ​
Smear honey on​ your face for 2030 minutes. ​
Rinse first with warm water and​ then cold water to​ close the​ pores.
Indulge your skin with the​ paste of​ 1 tsp of​ honey,​ 1 egg white,​ 1 tsp glycerin and​ flour. ​
Smooth it​ over your face,​ throat,​ leaving it​ on​ for 10 minutes and​ then washing it​ off with warm water. ​
Your skin will feel refreshed and​ rejuvenated. ​

4 tbsp of​ whole milk powder and​ 2 tbsp of​ honey make an excellent baby bath.

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