A Sure Fire Formula For Getting Your Prospects To Read Every Word Of
Your Email Message

A Sure Fire Formula For Getting Your Prospects To Read Every Word Of Your Email Message

If you get this lesson right, then you’ll be able to​ get folks hanging on your every word like monkeys hang on trees. :o)

And, if​ you can follow these simple instructions, you’ll get it​ right quicker than you can say “Pass me a​ banana.”

It's one thing to​ get your prospects to​ OPEN your email and actually take a​ look at​ it. But, what happens when they open it?

Today, I’m going to​ show you how to​ make sure they read every word of​ it.

You’d like to​ learn how to​ get them to​ do that, wouldn’t you? :o)

Good. There are only two simple things you’ve got to​ do…

1. Create an​ "I've gotta take a​ closer look" opening sentence. Did you notice the opening sentence of​ this lesson? What happened? I got your attention.

Here’s why. I got your attention firstly because I made you a​ promise that appeals to​ you. You want folks to​ hang on your every word as​ they read your emails. How do I know you want this? if​ you've already read the title and started reading the article, so
I know what you're interested in. I pushed a​ button that I know will get your attention. Nothing fancy or​ magical. I just tapped into something that you already have a​ desire for.

And, secondly, it​ got your attention because that promise hinges on YOU. Now, you’re INVOLVED. You’re involved because I’ve already told you that it’s up to​ you. You control the outcome here. It’s not based on a​ roll of​ the dice or​ the luck of​ the draw… Results are up to​ YOU getting this lesson right.

First things first, you want to​ get their attention immediately. Use that first sentence wisely. Fire your big guns. it​ is​ THE MOST POWERFUL and INFLUENTIAL part of​ your entire email message. if​ it​ doesn’t produce results, folks just won’t read any further. Let them know from the get go that something important is​ awaiting them in​ the email.

Give them a​ reason to​ read on. And then…

2. Create short paragraphs that continue to​ lead the reader along. in​ the opening sentence I gave you something to​ get your attention. I focused you in​ on a​ result, an​ outcome, something you can control.

And then, later, I asked a​ question to​ refocus you…

“You’d like to​ learn how to​ get them to​ do that, wouldn’t you? :o)”

And how did I follow that up? By saying…

“Good. There are only two simple things you’ve got to​ do…"

At this point I’ve already let you know that YOU can expect results if​ you do something right in​ this lesson. You’re ready to​ go. And then a​ bit later I let you know that it’s only going to​ require two simple things.

Do I have any doubt in​ my mind that you’ll read on to​ find out what those two things are? Nope. I don’t care who you are, if​ you read up to​ that point, you’ll keep reading. You want to​ know what those two simple things are.

And now you’ve found out in​ steps one and two above.

But, there’s even more for you to​ learn.

See, I did it​ again. I refocused you. I grabbed your attention again. “There’s even more for you to​ learn.”

The key is​ to​ constantly regrab the attention. Don’t let it​ get boring. Don’t let it​ go stale. Do you watch boring movies… or​ do you like exciting ones that leave you begging for more?

Consider your email as​ a​ movie. And you’re the director. Keep me on the edge of​ my seat.

And, when you do that, you’ll have your leads reading every word of​ your email message, from start to​ finish.

Kind of​ like how you just read every word of​ this message.

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