A Summer Of Great British Sport

A Summer Of Great British Sport

Are you a​ Brit who loves their sport? Are you looking forward to​ the​ Fifa World Cup? Are you a​ tennis fan? Do you love the​ cricket? if​ you are fan of​ sport then this could be a​ summer to​ saviour and​ remember. I personally have been looking forward to​ this summer for​ many months and​ am very excited at​ all of​ the​ sporting events that are forthcoming. I am from England and​ really believe that my national team have a​ real chance of​ winning the​ World Cup for​ the​ first time since 1966.

As well as​ the​ World Cup there are many more sporting events taking place that should make this summer one of​ the​ best in​ years.

The World Cup itself is​ only a​ week away and​ I can not wait for​ the​ tournament to​ commence. I am a​ massive football fan and​ even if​ England are knocked out in​ the​ group stages, I will still continue to​ watch and​ enjoy the​ matches.

I can not really see this happening as​ for​ the​ first time in​ many years England have a​ realistic chance of​ winning the​ trophy. There are some real winners in​ the​ team, John Terry, David Beckham and​ Steven Gerrard are three that spring to​ mind with little thought. I know for​ a​ fact that the​ players believe and​ that countries such as​ Brazil do not scare them. They of​ course have respect for​ these teams but have an​ inner confidence that this could be England's year.

If England can lift this trophy, can you imagine the​ response that will take place in​ the​ UK? the​ ashes heroes and​ the​ successful English World Cup rugby team have been treated like gods. Football is​ one thousand times more important and​ popular in​ England than these sports and​ these players lives will be changed forever. the​ country will party for​ months!

As well as​ football, there is​ the​ Wimbledon Tennis Championship, the​ cricket, the​ Derby in​ flat racing and​ many other sports such as​ athletics to​ wet the​ appetite of​ the​ British sports fan.

I am quite interested to​ see how the​ English tennis supporters treat Andrew Murray at​ Wimbledon. Murray has stated that he will be supporting every team at​ the​ World Cup who play England. He is​ Scottish of​ course. I hope he has a​ lack of​ support as​ this is​ a​ very childish attitude from a​ chap who has one very little thus far. I like the​ way he plays tennis but think he should keep his mouth closed as​ I now have very little time for​ him. When the​ Scottish team play in​ the​ World Cup I hope that they win, I surely would rather a​ team from the​ UK do well than a​ team from South America. He is​ of​ course very young and​ no doubt upset that his national team have not reached this years World Cup Finals.

This summer is​ a​ time to​ relax, drink a​ few beers and​ to​ enjoy what will be a​ great summer of​ British sport.

A Summer Of Great British Sport

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