A Students Guide To Federal Grants

A Students Guide To Federal Grants

A Students Guide To Federal Grants
Paying for university or​ college is​ one of​ the most valuable investments you can make in​ your life .​
As you know, however, it​ is​ also one of​ the biggest investments too .​
For this reason, good financial planning well in​ advance of​ attending the university of​ your choice is​ essential .​
You will want to​ create a​ budget and consider everything - not just tuition but also reasonable living costs .​
Unfortunately, sometimes budgeting simply isn't enough - and that's where federal grants come into play.
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Grant Or Scholarship - What's The Difference?
The main difference between a​ grant and a​ scholarship is​ that a​ scholarship has far more restrictions placed upon it​ than a​ grant .​
Both grants and scholarships are non-repayable, that is, unlike a​ loan you don't have to​ pay them back when you are done your schooling .​
Furthermore, scholarships are for specific academic or​ athletic categories, whereas grants are awarded primarily on financial need only.
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Raising Your Chances
There are a​ few things you can do to​ raise your chances of​ being elidgeable for financial assistance .​
The first and most important thing you can do is​ get good grades in​ school - good grades not only might qualify you for a​ scholarship, but they also make your chances a​ lot better of​ being accepted to​ the university of​ your choice.
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Grants To The Rescue
Of course, what if​ youre not as​ smart as​ those students? What will you do to​ get into college by not spending a​ lot of​ money? The government can provide you money for college students who are in​ need of​ financial aid .​
This is​ called the Free Application for Federal Student Aid or​ FAFSA .​
This is​ a​ form of​ grant that will determine how much your familys financial strength is .​
You can fill out a​ FAFSA form in​ your school or​ via the internet in​ the FAFSA website at​ www.fafsa.ed.gov .​
Not only students who have financial difficulty should do this but everyone should do it .​
This will substantially decrease the amount you will spend to​ pay for college and can lessen the burden for your parents.
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Have The Following Information Ready
- Social Security Number
- Latest W-2 forms and other records of​ money earned.
- Federal Income Tax Return of​ your parents.
- Permanent Residence Card if​ a​ non US citizen.
- Drivers license

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