A Stroke Survivors Tale Clinically Dead

A Stroke Survivors Tale Clinically Dead
~ a​ Sudden Paralysis ~
It was after a​ weekend in St. ​
Augustine, Florida that Jim Olbrich had his toocloseforcomfort brush with death. ​
That night a​ blood clot rushed into his brain and​ ​ caused a​ major hemorrhagic stroke. ​
a​ stroke that has left Jim walking like Frankenstein.
Jim had driven the​ two hours back to his home in Orlando. ​
Tired, he went to bed ... ​
but, found he had trouble rolling over ... ​
couldnt easily get into position for​ sleep.
During the​ night, it​ felt as​ if​ ​ a​ little girls hand pulled him out of​ bed. ​
Jim headed for​ the​ bathroom ... ​
not yet aware that his left side was already losing control. ​
He banged off the​ walls ... ​
stumbled his way ... ​
finally made it. ​
Jim fell off the​ toilet ... ​
lay on the​ floor for​ awhile.
Next thing ... ​
Jim was in a​ helicopter being whisked to the​ hospital. ​
it​ happened that quick! And, it​ happened while he was sleeping.
~ Blood Pushing on the​ Brain ~
Later, in the​ ICU, Jim heard his skull crack ... ​
a​ cracking sound on his right side. ​
Then, his head started hurting. ​
The onduty nurse offered a​ simple solution, Well ... ​
Ill get you a​ couple Tylenol.
But ... ​
this wasnt a​ simple headache to be solved by a​ couple of​ pills. ​
Soon, Jim was in a​ coma.
In the​ operating room, his skull was opened ... ​
blood was drained ... ​
the pressure was released. ​
But ... ​
My brain fell out!
When Jim woke up the​ next morning, I ​ got a​ gazillion staples in my head ... ​
holding everything together. ​
Hed also died.
~ Waking Up in the​ Morgue ~
Declared was declared dead and​ ​ put in the​ morgue. ​
a​ body bag was nearby and​ ​ a​ nurse was putting a​ tag on Jims big toe. ​
Luckily for​ Jim, the​ rubber band tangled with the​ hair on his toe. ​
When the​ nurse pulled it​ back ... ​
she ripped out some of​ Jims hair. ​
He woke up!
When Jim sat up and​ ​ spoke ... ​
the startled nurse ran for​ the​ door. ​
Instead she ran headlong into the​ wall. ​
Now ... ​
Jim had to wait for​ her to come to. ​
Finally, he was wheeled back to his room ... ​
a​ lot nicer than spending a​ night in the​ morgue.
I would have spent the​ rest of​ my life looking at ​ somebody elses feet.
~ What caused the​ stroke? ~
After years of​ being checked out constantly ... ​
Jim feels the​ doctors are still guessing. ​
His cardiologist believes it​ was an artery on the​ front of​ Jims heart ... ​
it​ exploded and​ ​ blew off ... ​
sending the​ deadly clot on its way to Jims brain.
The clot caused a​ brain bleed a​ destructive hemorrhagic stroke. ​
Pressure from the​ pooling blood crushed Jims brain.
~ Jims Still Paralyzed ~
Now, three years later, hows Jim doing? Not bad. ​
Jims not one to complain. ​
His sense of​ humour is​ one thing that has gotten him through this ordeal.
Sporting a​ carbonfiber plate in his skull ... ​
completely paralyzed on his left side ... ​
suffering from constant headaches ... ​
Jim chuckles at ​ all his problems. ​
I ​ walk like Frankenstein ... ​
on a​ cane.
Jim is​ still on therapy and​ ​ hopes to one day become more graceful. ​
if ​ Jims doctor had been correct ... ​
Jim wouldnt walk at ​ all. ​
But ... ​
Jim is​ stubborn. ​
He may not walk pretty ... ​
but, with his persistence, he does walk.
It is​ a​ source of​ relief to Jim ... ​
he never lost his ability to talk. ​
Also, his memory is​ still quite good ... ​
barring a​ few blank spots. ​
Theyre a​ total mystery to me.
They may be lingering in a​ small piece of​ brain ... ​
in a​ jar. ​
a​ piece of​ brain the​ size of​ my small finger is​ still sitting in a​ jar downtown. ​
Jim hasnt been able to see it​ yet ... ​
but hed like to. ​
I ​ want to see where my memory is.
~ Can Jims paralysis be treated? ~
Thats forever!
Or, until more Tcell research is​ permitted. ​
Jim needs that ... ​
hes on everybodys list to volunteer. ​
What Jim needs now is​ a​ new president ... ​
someone who wont be against such research.
Why is​ the​ current administration against Tcell research? Thats because theyre healthy!
~ How to Avoid a​ Stroke ~
Jims advice? Keep an eye on your cholesterol. ​
Arteries clog up ... ​
thats the​ problem.
High levels of​ LDL cholesterol will lead to atherosclerosis. ​
And, the​ poor dietary habits that create this problem also bring on high blood pressure, diabetes, and​ ​ obesity. ​
All put you at ​ a​ high risk of​ heart attack and​ ​ stroke.
Take some time out today ... ​
look at ​ your diet. ​
Could it​ be healthier? Start eating better, get some exercise, live a​ healthier, longer life.
Jim doesnt want you to join him. ​
Hes quite content being the​ only one who walks like Frankenstein. ​
if ​ his story can keep you from suffering what he has suffered ... ​
youll put a​ bigger smile on his face.

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