A Spiritual Journey Sparked By Katrinas Wake

A Spiritual Journey Sparked By Katrinas Wake

A pilot and reporter who has risked her life on the battlefield has taken on a​ new target-the human suffering experienced during Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath.

Author Cholene Espinoza's response to​ what she saw on a​ trip to​ Mississippi after the storm-and what she learned about herself-forms the basis for a​ book dedicated to​ rebuilding what Katrina washed away.

The book, "Through The Eye of​ The Storm" (Chelsea Green, $14.00), is​ described as​ a​ rallying cry for working Americans who survived the storm and an​ indictment of​ the public and commercial sources of​ assistance that failed them.

Espinoza details what she calls the seemingly insurmountable red tape and what she describes as​ barriers to​ assistance for people "who have no means to​ complain or​ demand better." She sees her book as​ a​ story of​ loss and recovery, of​ the ravages of​ disaster and the healing power of​ community.

Noted journalist Helen Thomas describes the book as​ "the inspiring spiritual journey of​ a​ courageous woman who is​ dedicated to​ great human causes."

Said Thomas, "We can all learn from Cholene Espinoza."

Proceeds from the book will help to​ build and support a​ community/education center that will serve the Katrina survivors of​ Harrison County on the Gulf Coast of​ Mississippi. it​ will provide young adults with GED, computer and other job training that will provide them with the skill to​ participate in​ the recovery of​ their community. is​ will also serve the community as​ an​ after-school facility. It's hoped the center will eventually provide health care services.

Currently a​ United Airlines pilot, Espinoza graduated from the U.S. Air Force Academy in​ 1987. in​ 1992 she became the second woman selected to​ fly the U-2 reconnaissance aircraft and was awarded the Air Medal for combat missions over Iraq and the former Yugoslavia. She is​ also a​ military correspondent for Talk Radio News Service and lives in​ New York City.

A Spiritual Journey Sparked By Katrinas Wake

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