A Sivory Punta Cana Dominican Republic Review

A Sivory Punta Cana Dominican Republic Review

The Sivory Punta Cana Reviews almost caused us to​ cancel our vacation We chose The Sivory Punta Cana Dominica Republic, despite the bad reviews because there were also some good reviews, and in​ the end we think it​ justified its boast that it​ was one of​ the best small luxury resorts in​ the Caribbean, one of​ the real Caribbean Hideaways.

The road to​ the Sivory Punta Cana is​ pretty bumpy and the taxi fare isn’t cheap, somewhere between $60-$80 depending on whether you use a​ taxi or​ a​ van, although having said that it​ was really only the last few miles

We stayed in​ a​ deluxe junior suite with a​ plunge pool, which extremely well laid out and furnished. it​ had all the usual smellies in​ what was an​ awesome bathroom. it​ had a​ giant tub, a​ two person shower, which I had always wanted to​ try!!

The hotel grounds were beautifully landscaped and maintained, and there was a​ superb spa and gym. We liked the pool, and the pool area, but feel it​ necessary to​ point out one or​ two things that stops the Sivory Punta Cana from being one of​ the best small luxury resorts in​ the Caribbean.

Firstly the food isn’t that fantastic, although there are items that aren’t on the menu that they will make, but only if​ you ask. The menu is​ limited, and the items like lobster are in​ fact extremely good, but very pricey.

This may be a​ good reason for taking the all inclusive option, because not only can you have the better items, your drinks are of​ course also included. Add to​ this the fact that room service is​ free on all inclusive.

It is​ important to​ understand that if​ you are paying for individual items, there is​ a​ 26% tax to​ add to​ the price. On a​ $12 pina colada, this makes it​ $16!!

Whilst the minibar is​ free, and it​ contains beer coke and water, they won’t replenish it​ unless you ask, and you are wasting your time asking the housekeeping staff..

Check your final bill carefully, because we had items added we didn’t have. For instance our transport didn’t appear when we went home, and we had to​ pay a​ taxi, b ut it​ was already an​ item on my bill!!

Finally if​ you like lots of​ action then The Sivory Punta Cana isn’t the place for you. There is​ nothing to​ do here, it’s miles from anywhere, and it​ has no nightclub, so just relax and unwind.

We thankfully ignored the The Sivory Punta Cana reviews, we had a​ great time, the staff were wonderful, it​ is​ a​ great Caribbean hideaway, and with a​ bit of​ care it​ could be one of​ the leading small luxury resorts in​ the Caribbean.

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