A Simple Thank You Is Money For You

A Simple Thank You is​ Money for​ You
As a​ business grows, sometimes business owners tend to​ forget the​ most important part of​ their business – the​ customers .​
The danger with this is​ that the​ business can become just another faceless unit that customers deal with .​
Remember that acquiring customers is​ difficult especially if​ people just buy from you once .​
This is​ why people who are already old in​ the​ business industry will tell you that it​ is​ better to​ spend money on advertisements to​ keep old customers than keep on beating around the​ bush to​ gain new customers .​
To really keep your customers, you need to​ spend a​ day or​ two every month to​ make courtesy calls and​ thank your existing customers .​
If you really don’t have any real business to​ do with your customers a​ simple hello will be nice .​
Your customers will be pleased that you took the​ time just to​ check in.
Thanking your customers is​ often a​ neglected gesture yet a​ very powerful sales tool .​
There are several instances where in​ a​ simple thank you to​ your customers will be very much appreciated.
First, when they make a​ purchase a​ simple thank you will be well appreciated .​
When was the​ last time a​ store clerk thanked you for​ buying from their store? Do you remember the​ last time a​ retailer thanked you for​ shopping at​ their store? This simple thank you could mean a​ lot of​ things for​ the​ customers.
Second, when they contact you regarding a​ service issue .​
Some companies think - why would they thank a​ customer for​ complaining? What they don’t realize is​ that when people express their concern they are giving you an​ opportunity to​ improve your business .​
Third, when they refer you to​ other potential customers .​
Some businesses generate customers through referrals .​
If for​ instance you always neglect to​ thank the​ person who has been referring you to​ others, they might stop sending potential clients to​ you .​
And this could be a​ big loss for​ your business .​
Fourth, loyal customers also deserve a​ thank you .​
It is​ critical to​ thank long term clients .​
But some take these individuals for​ granted .​
Keep in​ mind that they like anyone else, also wants to​ feel appreciated .​
Thus, sending a​ regular thank you card or​ note will be enough .​
There are countless ways to​ say thank you .​
You can send an​ email, write a​ note or​ card or​ even thank them in​ person .​
An inexpensive card with handwritten comments can help you stand out from your competition .​
Remember that globalization and​ the​ internet means your customers can choose from thousands to​ stores at​ the​ touch of​ a​ button .​
Thus, staying ahead of​ the​ competition is​ important .​
Yes, creating thank you cards can take some time but the​ payoff is​ usually worth it.

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