A Simple 5 Step System For Starting A Home Base Business The Right Way

A Simple 5 Step System For Starting A Home Base Business The Right Way

Home Base Business and the​ dream of​ working from your own home,​ by your own terms and hours is​ a​ dream shared by many,​ but the​ unfortunate thing that happens,​ is​ they 'Fail' because they started it​ for all the​ wrong reasons.

This almost happened to​ me. My dream of​ having my own home base business was almost a​ distant memory until I was forced to​ make one of​ the​ BIGGEST decisions of​ my life and that was to​ get a​ Mentor.

I'm not saying you have to​ go out and get a​ mentor,​ I'm just sharing with you what I did in​ order to​ make my dream a​ reality.

And my mentor wasn't just any mentor either,​ he was and still is​ the​ #1 Business Coach in​ North America who showed me and thousands of​ others what we​ were doing wrong and what we​ needed to​ do to​ make it​ right.

This was an​ experience I will carry with me for the​ rest of​ my life and think about everyday.

Who was my mentor your probably wondering?

Well... his name is​ Raymond Aaron,​ and he is​ the​ founder of​ the​ Monthly Mentor - http://www.monthlymentor.com

This man changed my life forever with his principles.

So with that said,​ what I'm about to​ share with you he taught me and is​ a​ simple system that will only take you a​ few minutes to​ do.

These few minutes will determine the​ right home base business for you,​ whether it's online or​ offline,​ so YOU don't fall victim to​ failure like many home base business start-ups do.

So... with that said,​ in​ these next few paragraphs I'm going to​ show you how to​ pick the​ right business for you to​ start by using a​ simple little system I was shown that takes only a​ few minutes to​ do.

Believe me,​ this will not be as​ stressful as​ you think.

The first step...

Step #1. Get a​ pen/pencil and note pad.

This is​ the​ easy step. All you have to​ do Right Now is​ get a​ pen/pencil and note pad to​ write on​ for the​ next step coming up.

Do you have your pen/pencil and note pad yet?

Step #2. Write down your TOP 10.

This is​ where your going to​ have to​ use your brain a​ little bit because this TOP 10 list your about to​ write down are the​ TOP 10 home base businesses you would like to​ start-up based on​ your interests and passions.

Please... take a​ few minutes to​ do this. There's no need to​ rush.

Step #3. Get rid of​ five of​ your TOP 10.

Okay,​ now it's time to​ make some cuts. This is​ where you have to​ really think about the​ 10 home base business start-ups you have written down infront of​ you.

Look at​ them good and hard.

Now it's time to​ get rid of​ the​ five you would MOST likely not want to​ start.

Pick wisely.

Step #4. Now get rid of​ two more.

It's now time to​ break it​ down your list even more by getting rid of​ two more of​ the​ five home base business start-ups you have listed infront of​ you on​ your note pad.

Remember what we​ are trying to​ do here. We're trying to​ figure out the​ best home base business for YOU.

After this step you should only be looking at​ three home base business start-ups that you REALLY want to​ start.

Step #5. Your FINAL decision.

Now it's time for your FINAL decision.

It all comes down to​ this last step so make sure you make the​ right choice for it​ is​ the​ one you're go run with to​ make your entrepreneurial dreams come true.

Of the​ three you have left on​ the​ note pad infront of​ you choose the​ ONE that you know you would excel at​ and are passionate about doing Day in​ and Day Out.

This is​ a​ BIG decision.

Take a​ few minutes to​ REALLY think this through... okay.

Go for a​ walk if​ you have to​ or​ even sleep on​ it​ and decide in​ the​ morning.

It's up to​ you.

That's all there is​ to​ it.

I know it​ seems simple from reading this article,​ and it​ is​ if​ you know how to​ simplify the​ process and not make it​ more difficult then it​ really has to​ be.

People always seem to​ take the​ hard route at​ these kinds of​ decisions(I was one of​ them) when it​ really doesn't have to​ be,​ so if​ you haven't already done so,​ go through the​ five steps above and give them a​ try so you don't fall victim to​ becoming one of​ those home base business failures,​ and become one of​ those home base business "Successes" doing what it​ is​ you are most passionate about and love doing everyday.

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