A Short Intro To Becoming A Web Hosting Company

Have you ever wondered how you can start your own web hosting company? Are you a​ web designer that needs more features or​ more control in​ the​ web hosting you resell to​ your clients? Don't yet need a​ dedicated server? Then a​ private label virtual server is​ your solution. With a​ private label virtual server you can set your own prices to​ control your profits, and​ earn unlimited income.

There are a​ lot of​ companies on the​ internet where you can register for​ a​ hosting reseller account. But do your homework well, otherwise you might regret it​ later on. Do some research before you register with any hosting company. Check for​ how long they are in​ business and​ if​ they are reliable. You do not want your customers to​ join today and​ leave tomorrow.

One big issue. PLEASE REGISTER YOUR OWN DOMAIN NAME. You must have full control over it. YOU must be the​ owner of​ the​ domain.
YOU must be the​ administrative contact for​ it. YOU must be the​ technical contact for​ it.

To run your own reseller hosting company is​ like running a​ normal website. Believe me, not much experience is​ required. Since you are responsible for​ billing your customers, you ultimately determine the​ profit margin and​ manage all your customers accounts through one main control panel.

You are responsible for​ marketing, sales, billing and​ support activity for​ your customers. You retain the​ ownership of​ your customers. the​ hosting company has no contact with your customers.

Dedicated Server or​ Reseller Account:

Dedicated server or​ reseller account? That is​ the​ question. Most people who are ready to​ start a​ web hosting business ask this question. There are however different benefits for​ each solution.
You should choose a​ reseller account if​ you are a​ new business owner who does not know how to​ manage a​ dedicated server. Managing a​ dedicated server can be time consuming if​ you are not proficient at​ server management. With a​ reseller account a​ team of​ experts manages the​ server that your web sites are hosted on. a​ reseller account is​ also a​ fraction of​ the​ cost of​ a​ dedicated server. Usually a​ reseller account is​ a​ good place to​ start because you can upgrade to​ a​ dedicated server at​ any time.

Another benefit of​ a​ reseller hosting account is​ that you have no software or​ hardware maintenance costs. In-house managed solutions require the​ purchase of​ hardware (and more as​ your business grows), maintenance contracts, and​ software ( with its related maintenance.) Using Private Label Virtual Servers, you don't have to​ purchase hardware or​ software, regardless of​ the​ number of​ customers you have.

You buy wholesale and​ sell retail, thereby ensuring your monthly profit margin. No unpredictable costs like professional fees or​ hardware costs (should something go wrong with your in-house service). When your business gets successful, there won't be any additional data center, network, hardware, or​ software costs.

A virtual private server can run its own full-fledged operating system, and​ each server can be independently rebooted. This usually gives you root-level access to​ the​ hosting companies machine, so that you can install almost any software that runs on the​ chosen OS.

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