A Short Guide To Travel Insurance

A Short Guide To Travel Insurance

A short guide to​ travel insurance
Travel Insurance a​ Need to​ Know guide?
Travel insurance protects holiday expenses against adverse events such as​ cancellation and​ interruption and​ also reimburses medical expenses,​ the​ loss or​ damage of​ property and​ transit delays. ​

Many millions of​ travellers and​ holiday makers purchase some form of​ insurance every year,​ but few people know really what it​ is​ and​ how it​ can be defined. ​
if ​ you​ know what is​ included,​ and​ what is​ not you​ will be able to​ make the​ most of​ your protection,​ and​ get reimbursed fairly.
There are four main categories of​ travel insurance
1. Health and​ Medical reasons
Emergency evacuation This garuantees emergency transportation to​ either a​ local hospital in​ the​ event that the​ traveller is​ unable to​ get there by themselves or​ back to​ a​ hospital near the​ traveller’s home town. ​
if ​ family members are covered on​ the​ same policy they can travel back home also. ​

Medical reasons This reimburses emergency medical and​ dental costs. ​
Nearly all holiday insurance plans work by reimbursing the​ traveller after they have paid locally for treatment. ​
Claims are usually paid within 7 10 working days. ​
Preexisting medical conditions are covered by most policies if ​ the​ policy is​ purchased within at ​ the​ most 21 days from the​ date the​ traveller made the​ first payment or​ deposit.
2. Delays and​ cancellation or​ curtailment
Cancellation Reimbursement comes into effect if ​ travellers have booked and​ paid for a​ holiday,​ but are unable to​ embark because of​ personal illness or​ injury,​ death of​ the​ individual or​ of​ a​ family member,​ adverse weather conditions,​ transport strikes,​ terrorism,​ bankruptcy,​ sudden unemployment,​ jury duty or​ by sustaining serious damage to​ their home causing it​ to​ be uninhabitable due to​ fire or​ flooding. ​

Delay This reimburses travellers for hotel,​ food or​ clothing expenses in​ the​ event of​ a​ flight delay. ​
Some plans also cover costs associated with catching up with a​ cruise should another delay cause the​ traveller to​ miss embarkation.
Interruption Insurance companies pay money to​ policy holders abroad if ​ they have to​ cut short their trip due to​ illness,​ death of​ the​ traveller or​ a​ family member,​ terrorism,​ weather,​ airline strikes,​ bankruptcy,​ sudden unemployment,​ and​ other adverse conditions which mean that,​ due to​ events outside the​ control of​ the​ holidaymaker,​ a​ trip has to​ be curtailed. ​

3. Death
Accidental death covers death or​ dismemberment at ​ any time of​ your trip. ​
Usually garuantees the​ lowest amount of​ coverage due to​ a​ higher risk
Air Flight accident this covers death or​ dismemberment during an air flight only. ​
Usually garuantees the​ highest amount of​ coverage due to​ fairly low likelihood of​ this occurring.
Common carrier Covers death or​ dismemberment while travelling on​ public transport such as​ a​ plane,​ ferry,​ train bus or​ taxi.
4. Loss or​ damage of​ property
Baggage loss reimburses travellers for lost,​ stolen or​ damaged personal items. ​
This coverage is​ usually restricted to​ the​ duration of​ the​ trip and​ not confined to​ baggage damaged or​ lost by the​ airline. ​
There are two policy limits,​ total claim and​ per item maximum. ​
Some policies also place limits on​ the​ type of​ items that can be claimed for such as​ precious jewellery,​ laptops and​ sporting goods
Hire Car damage This reimburses travellers for damage or​ loss to​ a​ rental vehicle. ​
it​ is​ designed to​ allow the​ traveller to​ decline collision damage waiver CDW coverage offered by the​ car rental companies. ​
Liability coverage should still be purchased through the​ car rental company. ​
Rental Car Damage coverage is​ also often included with the​ credit card used to​ pay for the​ car rental which is​ often matches the​ coverage provided in​ the​ policy.
Assistance services garuantees a​ 24hour collect telephone advice and​ assistance service to​ travellers. ​
This service can be used anytime a​ traveller needs advice. ​
Make sure you​ keep a​ copy of​ this number in​ several places in​ your luggage or​ on​ your person when you​ move around.

A Short Guide To Travel Insurance

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