A Rich Retirement

A Rich Retirement

A Rich Retirement
Whether it​ is​ you who is​ approaching those golden years we call retirement or​ one of​ your loved ones is​ in​ those years, there is​ no question that making that transition from the working world and decades of​ responsibility and hard work is​ not always easy. The sudden change of​ lifestyle and that feeling of​ no longer being useful is​ one of​ the most difficult aspects of​ retirement and growing older. When you combine that with reduced activity and the natural decline in​ physical ability that aging brings, you have a​ powerful emotional transition to​ go through.
That is​ why people who actively counsel the elderly have learned that the most positive thing a​ person can do to​ combat that depression and sense of​ uselessness that plaques retirees is​ to​ make themselves useful. and there is​ no better place for them to​ do that than in​ community service.
There are a​ variety of​ great reasons that volunteerism among the elderly is​ such a​ great idea. and if​ you are in​ a​ position to​ counsel an aging family member or​ friend, it​ is​ important to​ remember that doing community service is​ not all about being charitable and helping out the down and out. it​ is​ just as​ much about the health and wellbeing of​ the retiree as​ it​ is​ for the good of​ the community and the people in​ it.
By getting out into the community and finding rewarding ways to​ perform community service, that sense of​ being needed and being a​ part of​ something is​ given back to​ the retiree. Community service and the retirement set are a​ perfect match for each other. People who are staffing community service projects are always in​ need of​ an army of​ qualified and mature help, especially from those who have sufficient time to​ really do a​ good job with a​ community service project.
This is​ just right for retiree who if​ anything suffers with too much time on their hands. Too often, that time can be turned to​ selfpity or​ indulging in​ less than healthy lifestyle choice. Community service is, after all, work. and as​ a​ people who are enjoying their rewards from a​ lifetime of​ work, this is​ just the thing to​ transition to​ a​ life of​ retirement.
Community service can also call upon the elderly to​ participate in​ some level of​ physical activity. Now your local community service coordinator can make sure that their elderly volunteers are given assignments appropriate to​ their physical abilities. But just getting out there and greeting others, reading to​ the blind, helping with a​ food or​ blood drive or​ jumping in​ where they can on a​ big community project gets the blood moving and maybe just the right kind of​ exercise they need to​ stay active and healthy.
Community service also provides opportunities to​ socialize with people of​ all ages and social backgrounds. One of​ the greatest dangers of​ a​ retirement lifestyle is​ the loneliness and isolation stepping out of​ the working world causes. Even if​ the elderly person lives in​ a​ retirement community, the chance to​ socialize with younger people and people of​ many backgrounds and orientations is​ tremendously healthy for the mental stability of​ one in​ that stage of​ life.
The benefits to​ the retiree of​ getting involved in​ community service are many. But giving that retired person that sense of​ personal value and worth that they have come to​ expect from each day’s work is​ valuable beyond measurement. Many community service projects are short term so the volunteers get that immediate gratification that gives anyone a​ boost, but even more so a​ retiree who feels left out and not useful. Community service may be just the medicine to​ cure those ills.

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