A Review On Leo German English Dictionary

A Review On Leo German English Dictionary

What is​ the Leo German English Dictionary?

The Leo German-English Dictionary is​ an​ online German-English dictionary that runs on three Sun X4100 servers, and was started in​ 1995 by Achim Jung. Between 1995 and 1999, the principles of​ the layout, guestbook, forms for contributions, and other basic concepts of​ the service were developed by Jung and his team, and the vocabulary of​ the Leo German-English Dictionary grew from a​ very minuscule number of​ entries to​ 170,000 words within this period.

In 2018, the entries count more than 400,000 (symmetrical) entries, equivalent to​ more than 800,000 conventional dictionary entries. And by the year 2000, the dictionary broke a​ record of​ 5,000,000 online queries from users, growing to​ 5.6 million queries by 2018.

The Leo German English Dictionary and Mobiles:

Besides the online Leo German-English Dictionary, dictionary queries using Short Messaging Service (SMS) was also made available in​ 2018 in​ collaboration with burdawireless-GmbH. Not only that, it​ was also now possible to​ view the dictionary's software “dictQuery” (the dictQuery server was installed in​ 2000) on mobile phones and similar display devices. Then in​ 2018, a​ small-screen version of​ the Leo German-English Dictionary was made available on 'pda.leo.org', for users who use handheld devices to​ access the LEO service.

dictQuery and Lion:

The Leo German-English Dictionary software, dictQuery, was full redeveloped in​ 2018, with new features such as​ new design, all services located under the same URL, standardized linking of​ active and archived forum articles, navigation bar, and other improved solutions. On the other hand, the latest version of​ Lion software, designed for easy exchange of​ words with their translations between Windows applications and LEO dictionaries, came out in​ 2018. Lion is​ made available download as​ shareware, or​ for online purchase. it​ now supports all LEO dictionaries, including the Leo German-English Dictionary, and words in​ MS Office documents can now be replaced with translations suggested in​ the results table using Lion.


The LEO German-English dictionaries are not available on CD or​ in​ print, or​ for download. it​ does not include phonetic spelling, conversion tables, a​ list of​ common acronyms, prepositions, etc.
Here are the main features of​ the online Leo German-English Dictionary -

• You can search for expressions by simply entering several words in, and results are displayed according to​ matching words
• Provides Leo German-English Dictionary toolbars for Integration of​ the dictionary in​ operating systems and browsers
• You can use Wrong Entry option to​ report errors in​ the Leo German-English Dictionary
• You can suggest a​ new entry for the Leo German-English Dictionary
• You can link the Leo German-English Dictionary URL on your website with 'http://dict.leo.org/'
• Search Tips to​ help you find out if​ your settings are correct or​ if​ you have used the right search method.
• Vocabulary trainers for learning German vocabularies
• German pronunciation with audio files
• Forum and Archive
• Has include a​ German-Spanish dictionary

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