A Review On Admiral Car Insurance

A Review On Admiral Car Insurance

Admiral,​ founded in​ 1993,​ is​ a​ company that specializes in​ providing low cost car insurance to​ people living in​ cities,​ younger drivers,​ and those who own high performance cars,​ as​ well as​ a​ combination of​ all these. For such drivers,​ Admiral also offers an​ online quote that allows you​ to​ save about 10% on​ car insurance.

Admiral Products:

MultiCar Insurance – This product offers a​ new method of​ getting cheaper car insurance,​ by insuring two or​ more private cars which lets you​ qualify for discounted car insurance. the​ main features of​ the​ MultiCar Insurance includes –

• Up to​ 23% discount
• you​ don't have to​ wait for your second car to​ be covered before you​ get a​ discount
• Each policyholder earns and keeps their own No Claims Bonus
• Helps unite renewal dates on​ your cars,​ which may allow you​ to​ earn your No Claims Bonus
• Monthly installments available

Information you​ need before you​ apply for the​ MultiCar Insurance:

• Details of​ the​ other cars in​ you​ family,​ including make and model,​ registration number
• Details of​ the​ drivers that use the​ other cars,​ with information regarding claims and convictions
• Renewal months' for the​ cars in​ your house

Breakdown Cover Insurance – This package is​ exclusive to​ policy holders,​ and includes

• Caravan or​ trailer cover
• Alternative transport
• Emergency overnight accommodation
• Roadside assistance and recovery
• Lost or​ damaged key cover
• Message assistance
• Home assistance

After you’ve applied for the​ Breakdown Cover to​ your policy,​ you’ll receive the​ details along with a​ card that bears Admiral’s freephone breakdown assistance number. All you​ need to​ do when you​ receive the​ card is​ to​ your policy number and registration number on​ the​ back of​ the​ card,​ to​ be used when you​ call for assistance. you​ also have to​ note down the​ scheme code printed on​ the​ card,​ as​ well as​ the​ make,​ model and type of​ your car.

Van Insurance – Admiral has also teamed up with Gladiator to​ provide insurance for a​ commercial vehicle. the​ website links to​ an​ online quote engine for Goods vehicles,​ and in​ order to​ get an​ online quote,​ you​ need to​ enter

• Your personal details and any other drivers,​ along with driving date of​ birth,​ licence and job details
• Details of​ any claims made in​ the​ last five years by all drivers
• Details of​ any motoring convictions against all drivers
• Details of​ the​ vehicle to​ be insured – make and model,​ manufacture year,​ security devices etc.

Once you​ clicked the​ Submit button,​ you​ be guided to​ a​ unique web reference,​ through which you​ can recollect details you​ have entered.

Besides car insurance,​ admiral also offers other products such as​ Travel insurance,​ Motorbike insurance,​ and Pet insurance.

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