A Review Of The University Of Maryland Online Mba Degree

A Review Of The University Of Maryland Online Mba Degree

The University of​ Maryland University College offers an​ online Master of​ Business Administration degree. Named one of​ the “Top 20 Cyber Universities” worldwide by Forbes magazine, the MBA program is​ fully accredited by the Commission of​ Higher Education of​ the Middle States Association of​ Colleges and Schools.

The program is​ designed to​ integrate into students’ lives and to​ be applicable to​ their current job situations right from the start. Its accelerated pace is​ helpful in​ allowing students to​ utilize what they have learned in​ the program as​ quickly as​ possible in​ their work environment. The courses are designed to​ explore management and organization processes and apply them to​ a​ global business environment.

The MBA program is​ 43 credits and consists of​ a​ 1-credit foundation course and seven 6-credit seminars. Each seminar is​ 14 weeks long. Students have 3 weeks off between each seminar. Students are grouped into a​ cohort of​ about 30 students who stay together during the duration of​ the MBA program. a​ facilitator is​ assigned to​ each cohort.

The seminars required to​ complete the online MBA program are: MBA Fundamentals (1 credit); The Role of​ Managers and Organizations in​ Society (6 credits); The Dynamics of​ Individuals and Groups in​ Work Organizations (6 credits); The Marketing of​ New Ideas (6 credits); Technology and Operations Management (6 credits); Economics of​ Management Decisions (6 credits); Organizations and the External Environment (6 credits); and Strategic Action Planning/Elective Component (6 credits). in​ addition all students are required to​ complete a​ noncredit course, Introduction to​ Graduate Library Research Skills, within their first 6 credits of​ study.

The seminars are taught by experts in​ the field. The faculty members all have extensive professional and management experience. in​ addition, more than 89 percent of​ them hold a​ doctorate degree. Students also have a​ facilitator assigned to​ them who will stay with them throughout the entire program.

U of​ MD University College MBA program has a​ streamlined general admissions process that can be completed online. Admission into their online MBA program does not require the completion of​ the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) or​ Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT). There are also no residency requirements.

To apply, prospective students need to​ complete the online application for admission, send in​ the application fee, and write a​ personal statement. Once the application is​ received, applicants will receive further instructions on submitting their transcripts and other pertinent information. The status of​ an​ application can be tracked online.

Upon completion of​ U of​ MD University College MBA program students have the option of​ continuing on to​ earn a​ dual degree. During any point of​ the MBA program students may inform the college that they are interested in​ pursuing a​ second degree in​ the following areas: Master of​ International Management; Master of​ Science in​ E-Commerce; Master of​ Science in​ Health Care Administration; or​ Master of​ Science in​ Management. Students have a​ full seven years from the date of​ completion of​ the first graduate course to​ complete their dual degree.

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