A Review Of Popular River Rafting Trips And Services

A Review Of Popular River Rafting Trips And Services

Organized river rafting trips are a​ good idea for novices and experts alike. River rafting tours provide all of​ the equipment, guidance, and instruction necessary. if​ the trip covers several days, the rafting company may provide camping accommodations as​ well. Trips are available for rafters of​ all skill levels, from beginners rafting for the first time, to​ skilled experts looking for the toughest rivers in​ the country.

River rafting tours are offered on many major rivers in​ the country. Trips are available in​ many different lengths, varying from an​ afternoon to​ a​ two week trek. River rafting trips designed for families as​ well as​ trips that cater to​ experienced rafters are available almost anywhere. While much river rafting is​ done in​ the Southwest, it​ is​ by no means the only place for a​ river rafting adventure. North Carolina, Oregon, Texas, and many other states have great rivers for rafting.

A couple of​ well-established river rafting outfitters are Dvorak Expeditions, California River Rafting Excitement, and the Nantahala Outdoor Center. All three of​ these companies offer great guides, top-of-the-line equipment, and routes on some of​ the best rivers.

Dvorak Enterprises was the first outfitter given a​ river recreation outfitters license in​ 1969. Run by the world famous Bill Dvorak out of​ Salida, Colorado, this company offers exciting river rafting trips to​ visitors in​ many states including Colorado, New Mexico, Idaho, Utah, and Texas, as​ well as​ New Zealand and Nepal. Dvorak Enterprises is​ known for its friendly, skilled, and knowledgeable guides.

California River Rafting Excitement is​ one of​ the top-rated river rafting outfitters in​ the Sunshine State. This company offers river rafting trips on five different California rivers, has trips designed for families as​ well as​ experienced rafters, and offers camping equipment for trips lasting several days.

Nantahala Outdoor Center in​ North Carolina offers a​ variety of​ river rafting adventures on several rivers in​ the area. The rivers range in​ difficulty to​ accommodate rafters at​ any skill level, and Nantahala offers great guides as​ well as​ a​ rafting school for novices.

River rafting trips are a​ fun way for adventurous travelers to​ unwind and relax. River rafting adventures are available for rafters of​ all skill levels, insuring that everyone will have a​ good, safe time.

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