A Review Of Popular Metal Detector Products

A Review Of Popular Metal Detector Products

Metal detectors come with a​ control box that contains the circuitry, controls, speaker, batteries and the microprocessor; a​ shaft that connects the control box and the coil; a​ search coil that actually senses the metal; and a​ stabilizer that keeps the unit steady as​ it​ is​ moved. The performances of​ the detectors are based on the features of​ these parts.

Tesoro Metal Detectors

At less than 2½ pounds, the Tesoro Golden Max lets you control what you want to​ find. it​ is​ the lightest detector in​ the market with full size depth, sensitivity, four tone audio ID and a​ user adjustable Notch Filter Discriminate. The Tesoro DeLeon is​ a​ Target Identification Detector (TID), named after the famous explorer Ponce de Leon, who searched Florida looking for treasure and the Fountain of​ Youth. The DeLeon is​ designed as​ an​ easy to​ use, turn-on-and-go detector.

Whites Metal Detectors

The Whites E-series metal detectors include the following models. DFX™ brings together the ultimate combination of​ sophisticated microprocessor technology, and turn-on-and-go simplicity. it​ has an​ operational frequency of​ 3 kHz and 15 kHz. The XLT® Metal Detector is​ high-performance simplicity and versatility at​ its best. it​ has five programs to​ choose from along with 10 Basic Adjustments, and 29 Pro Options. The MXT has three completely separate operating modes -- gold prospecting, coin/jewelry, or​ relic.

Prizm series

The Prizm series include Prizm II, III, IV, and V. All have a​ pinpoint mode that zeroes in​ on target location, instruction videos that show when and where to​ hunt.

Fisher Metal Detectors

Dr. Gerhard Fisher, a​ German immigrant, obtained the first patent ever issued on aircraft radio direction finders in​ the late 1920s. Fisher's 1266-X comes factory shipped with 8-inch Open Center Spider Coil, instruction manual and Fisher's 5 Year Warranty. it​ has a​ duel discrimination system, which will allow you to​ search at​ a​ great depth. This unit does not work very well on wet saltwater beaches.

Garrett Metal Detectors

The Garrett Super Scanner hand-held detector can detect a​ medium-sized pistol from distance of​ 9" and even a​ tiny 1” piece of​ jewelry. Simplicity of​ operation of​ this metal detector is​ unmatched. The Garrett SuperWand Security metal detector is​ one of​ the most popular metal detectors. it​ provides uniform sensitivity 360° along the scan area and pinpointing at​ the tip to​ detect weapons and other metal objects with extreme accuracy. The Garrett Magna Scanner PD 6500 Walk through metal detector has some unique features. Its ultra-enhanced multi-coil detection field pinpoints the exact location of​ any metal object within 33 distinct areas of​ the archway.

Bounty Hunter Metal Detectors

Bounty Hunter metal detectors are made by First Texas Products. The Tracker IV priced at​ $160 is​ streamlined in​ appearance, with only two operating controls and a​ mode selection switch. The Tracker IV has a​ built-in Automatic Ground Tracker that maintains ground balance. The Bounty Fast Tracker offers value for your money. it​ is​ a​ user-friendly instrument that delivers effective performance over a​ wide range of​ conditions and applications.

Minelab Metal Detectors

The Minelab Explorer II priced at​ approximately $1395 is​ a​ coin and jewelry detector with an​ operating frequency between 1.5 – 100 kHz. The signal travels deeper at​ a​ lower frequency and the signal detects objects close to​ the surface at​ a​ higher frequency. The Minelab Quattro MP, priced at​ approximately $1300, is​ suited for use in​ parks, beaches or​ the battlefields. Minelab’s FBS technology provides outstanding performance even on saltwater beaches.

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