A Review Of Opening Statements

A Review Of Opening Statements

A Review Of Opening Statements
For attendees of​ my Telesales Rep Colleges, and customized training programs for clients, I​ have a​ standing offer of​ evaluating their opening statements afterward .​
Here are a​ few submitted by the pros at​ Dobbs Publishing, a​ group of​ niched magazines for auto enthusiasts.
Joe Galloway faxed over several openers .​
The first one:
Good morning Mr .​
Grabowski, my name is​ Joe Galloway .​
I​ am with Dobbs Publishing and Super Ford magazine .​
If I've caught you at​ a​ good time I'd like to​ discuss your mail order program to​ determine if​ we might be able to​ help increase your profitability in​ this area of​ your business.
Not bad, but we can make it​ better .​
First, this opener touches on the time issue before mentioning the possible result the prospect will get .​
Although I​ like this method of​ respecting the listener's time, I​ suggest it​ appear after the possible benefit .​
Although the remainder of​ it​ has a​ better chance of​ creating interest than resistance, let's spice it​ up by getting a​ bit more specific with the possible benefits.
Here's a​ suggestion .​
After introducing himself and the magazine, Joe could say, I​ notice that you target Ford enthusiasts with your mail and phone order ads .​
Our magazine reaches proven direct marketing buyers, and if​ I've caught you at​ a​ good time, I'd like to​ discuss some potential opportunities to​ promote to​ Ford owners who you might not be reaching now .​

Here's another Joe submitted .​
I'm Joe Galloway with Dobbs Publishing .​
We specialize in​ reaching mail order customers through seven very targeted automotive magazines .​
If I've caught you at​ a​ good time, I'd like to​ review the opportunities that these titles might afford you to​ strengthen your mail order programs, and ultimately maximize your profitability.

I like the first part, but the second half got a​ bit wordy and formal .​
Let's make it​ more conversational with If I've caught you at​ a​ good time, I'd like to​ discuss some ways you might be able to​ get more catalog and mail order customers.

A Call to​ an​ Existing Customer
Matt French submitted one for a​ call to​ a​ regular advertiser, with the call objective being to​ increase the ad size .​
This is​ Matt French from Super Ford Magazine .​
I'm calling this morning in​ regards to​ the current ad you are running with us .​
I've noticed you have quite a​ few products in​ your 2/3 page ad, and I​ was wondering, depending on how much you plan on growing your business this year, if​ you would have a​ few minutes to​ discuss the opportunities that exist in​ gaining more market share by increasing your ad size?
First, referring to​ the customer's existing situation is​ good, since it​ lets him know you're actually thinking about him as​ opposed to​ just smilin and dialin .​
What I​ would avoid, though, is​ any mention in​ the opening statement about increasing ad size .​
They're not ready yet; they'll look at​ that as​ an​ expense, not at​ the potential return .​
Here's an​ alternative .​
I was reviewing the products in​ the ad you're now running with us, and came up with some ideas .​
Depending on what your growth and promotional plans are for the next year or​ so, I​ might have a​ few options worth considering to​ generate more revenue from your ads.
Notice that instead of​ talking about increasing ad size, we mention increasing the revenue, which is​ really all the advertiser is​ interested in .​
After getting into the questioning part of​ the call, then we can make the recommendation on the larger ad size, and he'll be much more receptive to​ it, since we will have explained how it​ will increase the revenue.
Overall, nice job guys.
Art Sobczak helps sales pros use the phone to​ prospect, service and sell more effectively, while eliminating morale-killing rejection .​
He presents public seminars and customizes programs for companies .​
Art has a​ number of​ books, CD's and other learning resources to​ help sales reps .​
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