A Review Of The Best Value Maldives Holiday Resorts Part 2

Holiday Island Maldives

Located in​ the South Ari Atoll, Holiday Island is​ a​ four star resort containing 142 super deluxe beach bungalows. It’s a​ two hour speedboat ride from Male.

There are a​ range of​ restaurants to​ choose from offering both western and oriental delicacies as​ well as​ a​ bar and coffee shop.

Holiday island offers the standard range of​ activities including diving, snorkelling, water skiing, floodlit tennis, a​ gym and more.

Huvafen Fushi Maldives

Huvafen Fushi is​ a​ five star resort on the South Ari Atoll and it​ takes approximately 30 minutes to​ reach from Male (speedboat). The resort is​ actually set within its own lagoon and is​ quite a​ spectacle. Like most five star resorts it’s not for those on a​ budget.

The facilities and recreation options are highly impressive with 3 restaurants and a​ bar for residents as​ well as​ a​ yoga pavilion, outdoor salt water pool as​ well as​ a​ fibre-optic lit indoor pool. a​ gym is​ also available. Activities include canoeing, windsurfing, sunset sailing, diving and the fun tube.

There are several different types of​ rooms at​ Huvafen Fushi including lagoon bungalows, ocean bungalows as​ well as​ beach & deluxe bungalows.

Komandoo Island Resort Maldives

The four star resort of​ Komandoo is​ set in​ Lhaviyani Atoll and is​ 40minutes away from Male (via seaplane). There are 45 rooms and the resort offers several activities including scuba diving, windsurfing, canoeing, sailing and excursion trips available.

Komandoo also has a​ main restaurant and two bars.

Kudahithi Island Resort Maldives

This is​ a​ tiny three star island resort that contains only seven rooms. The Kudahithi island can be walked in​ circumference in​ under ten minutes.

There are very few facilities – this is​ a​ place for those who want to​ come for the peace, quiet and beauty of​ the Maldives alone. Diving is​ possible through another resort.

The restaurant at​ Kudahithi Island Resort serves predominantly Italian cuisine.

Kuramathi Blue Lagoon Maldives

Set in​ the North Ari Atoll, Kuramathi Blue Lagoon is​ a​ four star resort is​ a​ four star resort offering 56 rooms (20 beach bungalows and 36 beach bungalows). It’s a​ 25 minute transfer by seaplane (105 minutes by speedboat).

Kuramathi Blue Lagoon has a​ good range of​ the standard facilities found in​ many of​ the resorts including a​ sauna, spa & Jacuzzi, pool, disco, water sports & diving.
Also try Kuramathi Village and Kuramathi Cottage & Spa.

Kuredu Island Resort Maldives

On Lhaviyani Atoll lies the four star Kuredu Island Resort. The resort is​ approximately 80 miles from Male and is​ a​ 40 minute journey by seaplane (4 hours via speedboat).

There are a​ total of​ 330 rooms in​ Kuredu Island Resort and these are split into the following – beach bungalows, beach villas, Jacuzzi beach villas, sunset water villas and water villa suites.

Kuredu has an​ excellent reputation as​ one of​ the best islands in​ the Maldives for Diving. it​ also has a​ wealth of​ additional activities and facilities for all visitors.

Dining is​ also a​ pleasant experience with several choices of​ restaurant & bars offering a​ wide range of​ cuisine.

Kurumba Maldives

A five star resort located in​ the North Male Atoll and is​ a​ 15 minute speedboat ride from the capital. This popular Maldives resort has a​ total of​ 180 rooms (various bungalows and villas).

Dining facilities are excellent in​ Kurumba Island Resort Maldives – six restaurants are offered as​ well as​ two bars to​ keep guests highly satisfied in​ terms of​ choice of​ food as​ well as​ ambience.

Further facilities & activities include gym, sauna, spa, water-sports/diving, various excursions, kids clubs and more.

Laguna Maldives

Laguna is​ a​ small island that’s well known for its snorkelling. Located in​ South Male Atoll, Laguna is​ a​ four star Maldives resort offering a​ choice of​ deluxe villas, deluxe bungalows or​ water suites. There are 115 room in​ total.

It’s a​ 20 minute speedboat ride to​ Laguna Maldives via speedboat.

Laguna is​ a​ five star Maldives resort that offers guests a​ choice of​ five restaurants/grills as​ well as​ four bars. The resort also offers excellent facilities as​ you would expect from a​ five star Maldives resort – these include superb facilities for snorkelling & water-sports and a​ first class spa. Multiple excursions are also on offer.

Lily Beach Resort Maldives

Lily Beach is​ located on the South Ari Atoll and is​ a​ half hour speedboat ride from Male. It’s a​ four star resort that offers a​ good choice of​ activities and excursions. as​ you might expect, the water-sports are good and there are also opportunities to​ engage in​ beach volleyball, surf biking, carom and much more.

There are three main choices of​ rooms available in​ Lily Beach – deluxe suite, water villas and superior rooms.

The resort offers a​ restaurant, coffee shop and bar. Guests can also enjoy the disco/live band, cultural shows (Bodu beru) and beach games.

Lohifushi Island Resort Maldives

Lohifushi Island is​ in​ the North Male Atoll and is​ a​ half hour speedboat transfer from Male. It’s a​ four star resort and is​ well respected for good diving & snorkelling – excursions to​ nearby islands are available and the resort offers a​ good choice of​ water sports as​ well.

The resort contains 130 rooms that are split into standard, superior, deluxe and suites to​ suit a​ variety of​ tastes and budgets.

Facilities are good – along with the usual high quality Maldives resort offerings there is​ also a​ squash court and sports centre.

The main eatery is​ the Banyan restaurant but Lohifushi also has no less than four bars available to​ guests.

Makunudu Island Maldives

This four star resort offers 26 beach bungalows and is​ located in​ North Male Atoll (55 minutes speedboat ride from Male).

Decent activities and facilities are available to​ guests – along with diving and surfing, residents can also partake in​ dolphin watching and picnicking on a​ private island.

The main restaurant is​ Ara Iru and there is​ also a​ bar at​ Makunudu Island.

Medhufushi Island Resort Maldives

This is​ a​ five star resort with very good facilities that is​ a​ 40 minute seaplane transfer from Male. Medhufushi is​ located on Meemu Atoll and contains 120 rooms.

The resort offers a​ good range of​ facilities including diving, windsurfing & many other water-based sports as​ well as​ a​ disco, fishing trips and excursions.

Meedhupparu Island Resort Maldives

In Raa Atoll lies the four star Meedhupparu Island Resort. The transfer from Male is​ 40 minutes by seaplane and the resort offers 215 beach bungalows and an​ impressive list of​ activities.

Meeru Island Resort Maldives

Meeru is​ situated in​ North Male Atoll and is​ a​ 20 minute seaplane ride from Male (or about 55 minutes by speedboat). This is​ a​ four star resort that has 276 rooms of​ various types (prices at​ the lower end are for standard rooms while the most expensive is​ the dolphin suite – about eight times as​ pricey).

Meeru offers one restaurant, three bars and a​ couple of​ coffee shops to​ guests – so good food is​ available at​ practically any time.

The facilities are also good offering the type of​ activities that you would expect from a​ good quality Maldives resort. a​ few of​ these include scuba diving, spa facilities, internet connections, windsurfing and several excursions and day-trips.

Mirihi Island Resort Maldives

Mirihi Island Resort is​ located in​ South Ari Atoll – this is​ a​ five star resort with just 36 rooms. It’s a​ 20 minute sea-plane ride from the capital of​ Male.

The resort offers two main types of​ rooms – beach and water bungalows.

A good number of​ activities and facilities are available and Mirihi offers a​ good selection of​ food and drink for visitors. Recreation facilities include watersports, excursions, diving, spa and a​ fitness centre.

Moofushi Tourist Resort Maldives

Moofushi is​ a​ four star resort offering 60 rooms – it’s set in​ South Ari Atoll. There are 45 beach bungalows and 17 water bungalows available to​ guests.

There are two main restaurants and two bars. Facilities include a​ scuba centre, a​ massage centre and several excursions such as​ a​ trip to​ fisher-mans island & desert island.

Nika Island Resort Maldives

Nika Islands is​ a​ four star resort in​ North Ario Atoll. The resort is​ a​ half hour transfer by seaplane and has 36 rooms of​ various types.

The resort offers a​ restaurant and coffee shop for guests and facilities include an​ Ayurvedic centre, sports/diving centre, .

Olhuveli Beach & Spa Resort

Olhuveli is​ set in​ South Male Atoll and is​ a​ 50 minute speedboat ride away from Male. This is​ a​ four star resort with 125 rooms – the room types are deluxe room, beach villa, deluxe water villa, Jacuzzi water villa, and honeymoon water villa.

There are three different restaurants, a​ poolside barbeque and two bars open for guests.

Some of​ the facilities include scuba diving, snorkelling, catamaran sailing, windsurfing, canoeing and glass bottom boat riding. There is​ also a​ sun spa. Excursion opportunities are good and include island hopping, night fishing and big game fishing. Guests can also enjoy the disco, a​ live band and cultural shows.

One&Only Kanuhura Maldives

Kanuhura is​ set in​ Lhaviyani Atoll and is​ a​ 35 minute seaplane ride from the capital of​ Male. It’s a​ five star resort offering 100 rooms of​ various types.

The diving facilities and setting in​ Kanuhura are excellent – the outer reef is​ incredibly deep and this means that divers are able to​ experience a​ highly diverse range of​ marine life.

The Kanuhura spa is​ also highly reputed – it​ offers a​ health & beauty centre with a​ wide range of​ available treatments.

One & Only Reethi Rah Maldives

Reethi Rah is​ a​ five star resort set in​ the North Male Atoll. it​ has 130 rooms of​ various types (choose from eight types of​ rooms from beach villa to​ grand beach suite). Reethi is​ a​ 55 minute transfer from Male.

Reethi offers a​ wide variety of​ restaurants and bars for guests and resort facilities are also excellent offering a​ large selection of​ diving/water sports as​ well as​ general activities such as​ excursions and land based sports.

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