A Review Of Air Conditioner Filters And Furnace Filters

A Review Of Air Conditioner Filters And Furnace Filters

There are some very important things that you should do to​ extend the life of​ your air conditioner and keep it​ working at​ peak efficiency at​ all times. One of​ the most important things that you can do is​ change your air filter every three to​ six months.

Many factors determine how often air filters should be changed. Equipment efficiency declines if​ you wait too long and operating costs increase. Replacing your air conditioner filter too often can be a​ waste of​ your hard earned money, especially if​ you are using an​ expensive type of​ filter. a​ possible solution to​ this is​ to​ use electrostatic filters which you clean and reuse.

It is​ important to​ keep in​ mind that the more efficient your air conditioner filter is​ the more often it​ will have to​ be cleaned or​ replaced. For most people, pleated filters will do an​ adequate job. These filters are ten to​ sixty percent efficient and some manufacturers claim even higher efficiencies.

Pleated air conditioner filters should be changed every three to​ six months depending on how dusty it​ is​ where you live. if​ you live in​ an​ area with lots of​ dust then your filter may need to​ be changed every couple of​ months.

If you require more efficient air filtration you may want an​ electrostatic, electronic or​ even a​ HEPA filter. The more efficient the filter is​ the more often it​ will have to​ be cleaned or​ replaced.

Electrostatic filters offer the greatest value. They cost 2 to​ 6 times more than an​ efficient disposable filter but are reusable. You simply rinse them with water and they are ready to​ use again.

Electronic filters will never become dirty enough to​ effect airflow. They just become inefficient and there ability to​ remove dust from the air deminishes. to​ clean these filters you have to​ remove the electronic cells and soak them in​ something like HVAC cleaner and then rinse them and let them dry.

HEPA filters are the most efficient filters available but become plugged very quickly. They need to​ be checked monthly and often cause too much restriction to​ airflow to​ be used at​ all. an​ air conditioner contractor will be able to​ tell you if​ it​ is​ worth trying one of​ these in​ your system.

Economy panel filters that you can get from your local hardware store are probably the worst type of​ filters that you could possibly use in​ your air conditioner. These are the ones that you could almost read a​ book through. These filters are at​ the bottom of​ the list, when it​ comes to​ efficiency.

These filters do such a​ poor job you could leave one in​ your air conditioner for a​ year and it​ might not collect enough dust to​ require changing. The unfortunate thing is​ the evaporator coil of​ your air conditioner would need to​ be cleaned every year to​ remove the dirt that should have been stopped by the filter.

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