A Quick Guide To Tuscany

A Quick Guide To Tuscany

Tuscany has long been a​ favourite destination for anyone looking for an​ authentic Italian experience.

Where is​ it?

Tuscany is​ a​ large area in​ central Italy that stretches to​ the Mediterranean coast. it​ is​ divided into ten provinces, which include some of​ Italy’s most beautiful towns and cities; Florence, Siena and Pisa.

Where can I stay?

Many people choose to​ stay in​ villas when they visit Tuscany, preferring the independence of​ self-catering to​ the routine of​ a​ hotel. The next time you consider visiting Tuscany, take a​ look at​ the benefits of​ a​ boutique hotel. Giving you the comfort and service of​ a​ regular hotel, but with a​ home-from-home atmosphere and service that anticipates your every need, you can come and go as​ you please without having to​ worry about making beds or​ shopping for food. in​ fact, when you stay at​ a​ boutique hotel, all you have to​ think about is​ where your next luxury is​ coming from.

Try the JK Palace in​ Florence for a​ taste of​ city boutique. With only 20 rooms, it’s like having your own home in​ the Piazza Santa Maria Novella and it’s the perfect place to​ return to​ after a​ hard day sightseeing. “Boutique” doesn’t always mean tiny - for a​ hotel that’s a​ magnificent rural retreat, the Villa Mangiacane is​ set in​ 300 hectares of​ olive groves, vineyard and forest and the view from the pool means that you’ll be hard-pressed to​ leave the villa at​ all.

What can I see?

Take a​ tour to​ the vineyards and sample classic Tuscan wines such as​ Chianti and Montepulciano, or​ visit olive groves and buy pressed olive oil to​ take home. Tuscany, its towns and cities are full of​ beautiful Renaissance architecture and the art here rivals that of​ Venice and Rome. if​ you’re not staying in​ Florence, then you should certainly take the time to​ visit the city during your stay. a​ busy, chic city, full of​ amazing architecture, priceless art, great shopping and fantastic dining, Florence is​ captivating and many visitors return here for short breaks or​ special events. Tuscany is​ full of​ contrasts and you could holiday here for several years in​ a​ row without visiting the same place twice.

How do I get around?

How you choose to​ travel in​ Tuscany largely depends on where you’re staying. if​ you’ve chosen a​ city location, then it​ will be easier for you to​ use public transport or​ just walk to​ get around, as​ hiring a​ car may be expensive and the roads too busy for stress-free driving. On the other hand, if​ you’ve chosen a​ boutique hotel in​ a​ rural location, you should think about hiring a​ car so that you can travel round the countryside or​ take a​ day-trip to​ one of​ the cities. The Italian public transport system is​ well-used by locals, and you can travel between cities and towns on the train or​ on buses, which give you the opportunity to​ gaze at​ the glorious countryside.

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