A Quick Guide To Morocco

A Quick Guide To Morocco

Morocco has something of​ an​ aura about it​ – created mainly by the major tourist destinations of​ Marrakech, Casablanca, Fez and Rabat.

Where is​ it?

Morocco is​ on the North West coast of​ Africa, just across the sea from the southern tip of​ Spain. This means that it’s easy for most Europeans to​ reach by plane and even by road or​ train. Its proximity, mixed with its unique style and culture make it​ an​ increasingly popular destination.

Where can I stay?

There are a​ number of​ small, exquisite boutique hotels in​ Morocco. it​ seems to​ have the boutique style and attention to​ detail all wrapped up, making it​ difficult for the traveller to​ choose which unique hotel to​ stay in. There’s the Dar Zemora in​ Marrakech which has just five rooms, but where the decoration, furnishing and service ensure that you have the best of​ both worlds – a​ perfect place to​ stay, with the many attractions of​ Marrakesh just around the corner. Alternatively, stay in​ the Kasbah du Toubkal in​ the Atlas Mountains, which reportedly has the best views in​ North Africa, and where your stay is​ enhanced by the informal feel of​ the hotel and the services offered. Surrounded by the peaceful beauty of​ the landscape, it​ is​ a​ place that has inspired anyone who’s stayed there. Whether you want to​ stay in​ the hustle and bustle of​ Marrakech, on the beaches of​ Essaouira or​ in​ the heart of​ the mountains, there’s a​ perfect hotel waiting for you.

What can I see?

Wherever you’re staying, you should make an​ effort to​ visit Marrakech. The coming together of​ civilisations, conquerors and craftsmen makes it​ a​ truly eclectic city, yet one that’s bound together by the beauty of​ its buildings, the simplicity of​ its crafts and the awe of​ its visitors. Its souks, or​ markets, which are organised by trade, are a​ fascinating insight into the life of​ Marrakech’s residents and an​ experience not to​ be missed. Spend some time in​ the Place Djemma El Fna – the city’s main square, where regular entertainment keep the crowds amused, and then walk through the streets of​ the old town, taking in​ the magnificent medieval buildings and romantic gardens. The rest of​ Morocco holds its own delights – the whitewashed buildings in​ the simple coastal resort of​ Essaouira, the regal buildings of​ Rabat or​ the market town of​ Tata in​ the Sahara – you will find plenty of​ reasons to​ return to​ Morocco.

How do I get around?

You can hire a​ car in​ Morocco, as​ driving is​ fairly easy and it​ will let you explore more of​ the area around your chosen destination. Petrol can be expensive, so it​ may be wise just to​ hire a​ car for a​ day or​ two rather than for your whole stay. Morocco operates a​ system of​ shared taxis, which works out pretty cheaply and is​ fairly straightforward to​ use. Alternatively, try the bus network, which is​ generally comfortable and, although they may reach their destination later than a​ shared taxi, it​ will be a​ smoother, safer ride. if​ you’re travelling between cities, then choose the trains, which are also comfortable and affordable.

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