A Quick Guide To London

A Quick Guide To London

London is​ one of​ the world’s most visited cities. With its combination of​ historic buildings, renowned museums and galleries and the best in​ dining, clubbing, entertainment and now a​ new range of​ boutique hotels, you won’t run out of​ things to​ do.

Where is​ it?

London is​ the capital of​ the UK, set on the river Thames. Served by several airports, including London Heathrow, London Gatwick and London Stanstead, and with direct train links to​ the continent via the Channel Tunnel, and to​ the rest of​ the UK via domestic operators, the city is​ easy to​ get to.

Where can I stay?

It’s no surprise that London is​ full of​ hotels of​ various sizes and standards. Famous and expensive hotels sit alongside smaller guesthouses, but it​ is​ the boutique hotel that’s currently proving a​ popular choice with visitors. Small and stylish, with impeccable service and a​ real atmosphere rather than one manufactured by the marketing department of​ a​ large hotel chain, staying in​ one of​ these hotels can only make your trip to​ London more enjoyable.

What can I see?

There’s so much going on in​ London that even the residents don’t see it​ all. Plan your stay so that you enjoy a​ little bit of​ history at​ the Tower of​ London or​ St. Paul’s Cathedral for example; some of​ the treasures and paintings in​ the museums and galleries; a​ show in​ the West End and some great drinking and dining. if​ you’re staying in​ a​ good hotel, you can rely on the concierge or​ reception staff to​ help you buy tickets or​ plan your itinerary. Don’t forget your camera, and make a​ long list of​ the things you want to​ do the next time you visit.

How do I get around?

Like all major cities, London has a​ modern public transport system. a​ comprehensive underground network takes you to​ all parts of​ the city, with prices working on a​ “zone” basis, which makes it​ easy to​ calculate which tickets to​ buy and how much they will cost. if​ you’re planning to​ use the underground a​ lot during your trip, ask for details of​ saver tickets. London’s famous red buses are easy to​ use and reasonably cheap at​ just £1 for central London journeys. Alternatively, you could take a​ traditional “black cab”. These hackney cabs can be hailed from anywhere and the drivers have to​ pass a​ stringent test so that they can take you anywhere you need to​ go. Adept at​ avoiding traffic jams, happy to​ hold a​ conversation and with honest fare meters, a​ journey with a​ hackney cab driver is​ a​ real London experience. You can hire a​ car, but if​ you’re staying within the city, it’s far easier to​ use public transport.

A Quick Guide To London

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