A Quick Guide To The Greek Islands

A Quick Guide To The Greek Islands

Scattered between the coast of​ mainland Greece and the tip of​ Northern Africa, the Greek Islands have been popular holiday destinations for a​ wide range of​ holidaymakers.

Where are they?

The Greek Islands are dotted throughout the Aegean Sea, mainly off the south east of​ mainland Greece. They come in​ many shapes, sizes and geographical varieties and the people that visit them are as​ varied as​ the islands themselves. Whilst you can move between the islands, most people choose to​ stay on just one for the duration of​ their holiday. The islands are traditionally divided into seven groups: Cyclades, Aegean, Dodecanese, Sporades, Ionian, Argosaronic Gulf and Crete which, as​ a​ single island, is​ the largest in​ the group.

Where can I stay?

Try a​ Greek Island holiday with a​ difference by choosing a​ boutique hotel. You can’t beat the individuality of​ these small, intimate hotels where detail is​ a​ primary consideration and the needs of​ the guest always come first. Try Elounda Gulf Villas and Suites on Crete, Katikies on Santorini and Ostraco Suites on Mykonos. These are all unique places to​ stay, offering the ultimate in​ quiet understated luxury.

What can I see?

For most people, the attraction of​ the Greek Islands is​ the beaches. The quality and size of​ the beaches varies from island to​ island, as​ does the level of​ development in​ the main resorts. The sheer number of​ islands means that you can usually find exactly what you’re looking for; whether it’s 24-hour entertainment or​ a​ quiet relaxing break. For those that want to​ explore the islands’ culture, there are plenty of​ historical buildings, traditional villages and museums to​ visit.

How do I get around?

You can get to​ some of​ the islands such as​ Mykonos and Santorini by air, but most of​ the other islands are reached by ferry from Athens. The ferries are regular and there are ticket operators at​ the harbours, so you can also use them to​ visit other islands during your stay. to​ get around an​ island, you can hire a​ car or​ a​ bike, or​ use the local bus system. There are no train services once you’re off the mainland. if​ you’re feeling especially adventurous, hire a​ sailing boat and navigate your own way around the islands.

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