A Quick Car Buying Survivors Guide

A Quick Car Buying Survivors Guide

Car dealerships are just like any other business in​ that they are responsible for​ generating an​ operating profit. and​ like any other businesses there are those that attempt to​ do so upfront and​ straight forward and... those that are... well... less than straightforward.

Without a​ doubt the​ best chance that you have to​ avoid contributing exorbitant amounts to​ a​ car dealer’s gross profit is​ for​ you to​ get your research and​ financing in​ line prior to​ ever setting foot on the​ dealership. and​ quite frankly, for​ the​ vast majority who has some sort of​ access to​ the​ World Wide Web, there is​ no excuse not to​ get yourself up to​ speed.

Once you are ready to​ go... go slowly. When it​ comes to​ putting together your deal at​ the​ car dealership, speed is​ not your ally. Car dealers and​ sales people are in-depth at​ putting deals together at​ a​ rapid pace... and​ ringing up big profit numbers... stay calm, deliberate, and​ focused.

Don’t crank up the​ negotiations on your first trip to​ a​ dealership. Take some time to​ familiarize yourself with the​ people and​ the​ surroundings. Get a​ feel for​ what type of​ person your potential sales person is. Remember, this is​ about your comfort level... not theirs.

Don’t go for​ the​ ‘Spot Delivery’. a​ spot delivery is​ when the​ dealer allows you to​ take the​ car ‘as yours’ before they have definitively procured your financing. This can be exceptionally devastating if​ you have traded in​ your car to​ them only to​ find out a​ couple days later that the​ dealer either hasn’t been able to​ get you financed or​ can only get you financed at​ a​ very high interest rate. Don’t put yourself in​ this position.

Know your budget before you go shopping... and​ stick to​ it. Don’t tell or​ otherwise give the​ sales person any idea of​ what your budget is. They don’t need to​ know this. and​ never shop and​ buy your car by negotiating a​ monthly payment; you’ll pay more than you needed.

Don’t proceed if​ you are not comfortable with any of​ the​ proceedings. Without you, there is​ no deal. You have the​ ultimate VETO power, so use it​ if​ you feel hurried, confused, or​ otherwise uncomfortable at​ all.

And finally, and​ this is​ a​ very important point to​ remember, the​ selling price of​ the​ new car isn’t where the​ dealer makes the​ most profit.

The financing and​ the​ trade-in (when they resell your old car) are two additional profit departments for​ the​ dealership. Also, all those add-on’s and​ warranties that the​ dealership will offer you the​ opportunity to​ purchase also include a​ rather large profit margin for​ the​ dealer.

Car dealerships are sales centers. They are in​ business to​ not only sell you a​ car but anything else they can possibly offer and​ entice you with as​ well. Do your research on the​ car you are thinking about, the​ financing options available to​ you outside the​ dealership, and​ know the​ market value of​ your trade (if applicable)... then take your time to​ find the​ best deal you can putting all these together.

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