A Plu C System And Affirmative Insight Inc Announced An Exclusive Partnership

A plus C Systems and​ Affirmative Insight, Inc .​
announced an​ exclusive partnership.
Affirmative Insight Inc .​
provides information technology solutions in​ the​ areas of​ IT security, networking, service and​ support, e-business, web design, web hosting and​ software development .​
By partnering with a​ plus C Systems, Affirmative Insight, Inc .​
expands its offer with a​ comprehensive suite of​ software products – Uplook, Statlook and​ Anasil – tool kit for​ IT asset management and​ network monitoring.
We are excited about our partnership with a​ plus C Systems .​
It offers us additional capabilities and​ expertise which will only benefit our customers .​
Together, we provide our customers with a​ full range of​ effective solutions which enable them to​ optimize their IT resources .​
said Baris Tuncertan, President of​ Affirmative Insight.
A plus C will work closely with Affirmative Insight to​ provide pre-sales and​ post-sales support, customer service and​ technical assistance to​ business partners and​ clients throughout Canada .​
Companies that share the​ need for​ IT resource management and​ its optimization can now enjoy the​ numerous benefits of​ Uplook, Statlook and​ Anasil, including: PC audit, license management, hardware inventory, Internet connection monitoring, user tracking and​ network traffic monitoring.
Milosz Cechnicki, CEO of​ a​ plus C Systems said We are delighted to​ partner with a​ company with such an​ excellent reputation in​ providing defense related services and​ offerings .​
This relationship is​ essential to​ our strategic growth in​ this region.
About a​ plus C Systems
A plus C Systems is​ an​ independent software vendor specializing in​ IT asset management and​ network monitoring solutions .​
Flagship products are: Statlook – a​ cost effective system for​ daily software and​ hardware inventory and​ user activity monitoring and​ Anasil – network monitoring and​ management system An internationally operating company a​ plus C is​ now creating its authorized partner system around the​ world.
About Affirmative Insight Inc.
Affirmative Insight Inc., an​ Information Technology solutions provider for​ small to​ medium size enterprises, helps to​ streamline their business operations .​
The mission statement of​ Affirmative Insight Inc .​
is: Helping companies to​ build secure, reliable and​ scalable Information Technology Solutions.

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