A Personal Skin Care Program For You

A Personal Skin Care Program For You

A personal skin care program for you
Why is​ it​ that all of​ us cannot keep the​ skin we​ were born with. ​
Well I’ve still got my skin but it​ has changed and,​ according to​ my mother,​ it​ has changed a​ lot. ​
it​ would also need to​ have stretched a​ bit,​ well in​ my case stretched a​ lot. ​
as​ we​ get older,​ things happen to​ our skin,​ like wrinkles. ​
I ​ have them but I ​ am a​ man so I ​ can get away with it. ​
Unfortunately,​ ladies find it​ harder to​ get away with having a​ few wrinkles. ​
as​ a​ man,​ I ​ am not too bothered by a​ few wrinkles and​ as​ long as​ I ​ keep my skin clean,​ I ​ do not bother with it​ much and​ no one really notices. ​
What we​ do notice though is​ skin on​ women,​ and​ because many men are somehow genetically programmed to​ be uncaring and​ insensitive about your skin,​ you spend a​ great deal of​ time and​ effort to​ make your skin look good.
Why is​ it​ then that men can get away with wrinkles but women cannot? Is there anything you can do about it? if ​ you adopt a​ skin care program then this should help to​ affect how your skin looks and​ more importantly it​ will affect how you feel as​ well,​ and​ that is​ very important. ​
You have to​ remember that the​ skin is​ the​ largest organ in​ your body and​ so by adopting a​ skincare program you are looking after yourself.
So what can you do about it? Well to​ start with after every shower even after you have dried yourself your skin is​ still damp and​ by applying moisturizer you are trapping moisture into your skin which is​ a​ great plus factor. ​
Another one is​ to​ drink water and​ this hydration helps your skin as​ well. ​
However,​ if ​ you notice that even after this your skin is​ always dry and​ sometimes a​ little flakey,​ just visit your doctor to​ check things out. ​
One other reason you should quickly visit is​ if ​ there is​ a​ major change such as​ dark,​ or​ lighter,​ skin patches and​ any changes or​ growth to​ moles you may have. ​
Get these checked out just to​ make sure you have no problems.
One thing to​ watch out for is​ the​ effect the​ sun has on​ your skin. ​
The sun is​ at ​ its fiercest when it​ is​ highest,​ which is​ generally at ​ midday,​ so just take care. ​
Applying a​ good sunscreen helps,​ and​ another thing to​ take into consideration is​ that elastin,​ which is​ a​ substance in​ your skin,​ breaks down under strong sunlight. ​
This can cause the​ skin to​ sag so just be careful. ​
it​ is​ a​ pity about the​ effects of​ sunlight on​ skin as​ most of​ us feel much happier when exposed to​ sunlight.
Rather than buy every skincare product on​ the​ market there is​ a​ lot you can do to​ help your skin by developing your own personal skincare program.
Healthy skin is​ helped by a​ healthy diet,​ and​ a​ healthy diet is​ usually a​ balanced diet containing fresh vegetables and​ fruit. ​
Both of​ these have been found to​ contain antioxidants which can help your skin protect itself from day to​ day living. ​
To get the​ best values from fruit and​ veg though it​ must be fresh or​ only lightly cooked.
Another important factor in​ skincare is​ skin hydration and​ this is​ helped by drinking a​ sensibly amount of​ water. ​
I ​ have seen it​ suggested that 4 to​ 8 cups a​ day is​ sensible but if ​ you are drinking bottled mineral water check the​ chemical makeup of​ the​ water as​ some are high in​ sodium which means high salt levels. ​
Do not fall into the​ trap that drinking 4 to​ 8 cups of​ coffee a​ day,​ which is​ mainly water after all,​ is​ as​ good for you. ​
Coffee contains plenty of​ caffeine which helps the​ body to​ dispose of​ water. ​
I ​ had a​ great idea that I ​ would drink beer instead of​ coffee as​ that is​ mainly water,​ but drinks containing alcohol,​ including wine,​ do not class as​ water either. ​
it​ does not have to​ be bottled water either; tap water is​ fine as​ long as​ it​ is​ pure and​ clean. ​
Not at ​ bedtime though as​ drinking late at ​ night means your body may retain this water causing your skin to​ stretch a​ little which is​ not something you want to​ happen.
Your skin also stretches when you become overweight and​ after a​ diet,​ and​ loosing weight,​ you will need to​ exercise to​ tone your skin into shape again. ​
a​ younger person has more flexible skin but when you are older your skin is​ not as​ flexible and​ it​ becomes harder to​ tone your skin after loosing weight. ​
The answer is​ not to​ try and​ put on​ weight in​ the​ first place but that is​ not always easy especially as​ we​ get older. ​
However please try to​ keep weight gain off your skin care program as​ the​ two do not go together.
Whatever you decide to​ do,​ do some research and​ find out what will work best for you. ​
One way of​ doing this is​ to​ talk to​ people selling skincare products in​ stores. ​
Although their job is​ to​ try and​ sell you their product,​ they will still give you good advice. ​
You could ask your friends as​ well,​ as​ some of​ them may be able to​ guide you in​ the​ right direction. ​
Whatever you decide to​ do,​ good luck.

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