A Parents Dream Successful Sleepovers For Children Tips From Parenting Expert Penny Warner To Help Make Sleepover Season Simple

The sleepover season is​ here, with children spending nights away from home at​ friends' houses, family vacations and camp. Sleepovers are considered a​ rite of​ passage for kids, but common fears such as​ making new friends, missing Mom and Dad or​ experiencing bed-wetting can make kids hesitant about spending the night away from home. to​ ensure that your child is​ ready and confident to​ enjoy their next sleepover, GOODNITES® disposable underpants teamed up with childhood expert Penny Warner, who offers some great advice and tips to​ help make nights away from home stress-free.

If you're hosting a​ sleepover:

Go Over Guidelines

Let your guests know they should treat your home just as​ they would treat their own. Develop a​ list of​ rules to​ make sure the sleepover goes smoothly.

Provide Yummy Snacks

• Set up a​ make-your-own-minipizza station with toppings for the kids to​ choose. if​ the sleepover is​ for a​ birthday, celebrate with a​ decorate-your-own-birthday-cupcake station.

Make it​ Memorable

• Give kids memories of​ the sleepover by letting them decorate his or​ her own picture frames or​ scrapbooks. if​ you don't own a​ Polaroid camera, take digital photos and offer to​ e-mail them to​ the parents to​ print and place in​ the frames.

If sending your kids away to​ camp or​ to​ a​ sleepover:

Pack an​ Overnight Sack

• Be sure to​ include:

-Comfy pajamas, pillow, sleeping bag and toiletries

-Glow sticks or​ flashlight-in case your child is​ afraid of​ the dark

-Fun items-cards, activity books, craft supplies, board games.

Prepare For Homesickness

• Let your child know that you will miss them, but overemphasizing this may make him or​ her nervous. Let your child know it​ is​ alright to​ miss home and he or​ she can always talk about his or​ her feelings.

Talk to​ Camp Counselors

• if​ your child experiences bedwetting (and 5 to​ 7 million kids in​ the U.S. do!), let his or​ her counselor know that your child is​ capable of​ taking care of​ the situation. Pack GOODNITES® disposable underpants so he or​ she wakes up with confidence. They disappear under pajamas so other campers don't have to​ know.

Warner recommends that parents share their sleepover tips and tools with each other. in​ fact, GOODNITES® Brand is​ searching for parents who have planned an​ enjoyable sleepover for their child. Whether it's a​ special snack they make or​ a​ secret they have for getting kids to​ settle down before bedtime-parents can provide Dream Sleepover tips that work. Winners will be judged on the creativity of​ their ideas and one lucky family will win the ultimate Dream Sleepover package valued at​ $5,000.

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