A Note From Women To Men Get Your Own Skin Care Stuff

A Note From Women To Men Get Your Own Skin Care Stuff

A Note From Women to​ Men Get Your Own Skin Care Stuff!
Have you ever gone to​ wash your face only to​ then discover that there are just a​ few drops left of​ your prized moisturizer? This may mean that the​ man in​ your life has been using your skin care products again. ​

While the​ basic structure of​ a​ mans skin may be the​ same as​ a​ womans,​ his skin has quite a​ few unique characteristics that make sharing facial products an unwise practice. ​
For instance,​ even though signs of​ aging appear in​ mens skin similarly as​ they do for women,​ they dont necessarily happen on​ the​ same time scale.
Mens skin also is​ thicker than womens,​ making it​ tougher and​ somewhat more resilient. ​
Further,​ the​ oil glands in​ mens skin produce more oil than womens,​ giving men more natural moisture. ​

Because of​ differences such as​ these,​ its clear that men and​ women have different health needs for their skin. ​
Unfortunately,​ however,​ mens skin care products have been limited until recently.
As more men become motivated to​ feel and​ look their best,​ more products that are made especially for mens skin care needs are hitting stores shelves. ​
In particular,​ LOreal,​ one of​ the​ leaders in​
technologydriven skin care treatments,​ has created Mens Expert,​ the​ first antiaging line on​ the​ mass retail market for men.
Mens Expert products contain what LOreal calls an Active Defense System,​ or​ ADS,​ which is​ a​ powerful combination of​ active ingredients that increase the​ skins resiliency and​ help protect it​ against shaving irritation. ​

The Mens Expert line includes products such as​ Power Clean,​ a​ face wash that deepcleans skin without drying it​ out; Oil Controller,​ an antishine moisturizer that zaps away oil,​ soothes razor burn and​ is​ designed for teenagers and​ young adults; and​ Vita Lift,​ an antiwrinkle and​ firming moisturizer that recoups elasticity for men in​ their late 40s.

A Note From Women To Men Get Your Own Skin Care Stuff

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