A New Way Sports Fans Can Show Their Loyalty

A New Way Sports Fans Can Show Their Loyalty

A lot of​ sports fans support their favorite teams by wearing hats or​ uniforms with logos, colors and​ even mascots on them. if​ you're looking for​ additional ways to​ show your team spirit, how about painting a​ room with the​ exact colors of​ your favorite team?

"Sports fans have a​ special connection to​ the​ colors of​ their favorite teams," said sport psychologist Dr. Joel Fish, director, Center for​ Sport Psychology in​ Philadelphia and​ an​ expert in​ fan behavior. "Paint is​ another easy way for​ fans to​ bring their teams home with them."

To help fans showcase their passion for​ and​ support of​ their favorite teams, the​ Home Depot now offers a​ new sports-themed paint program called "Team Colors." Through this program, customers can purchase paint in​ the​ exact colors of​ their favorite professional and​ college sports teams-even including NASCAR.

Here are a​ few tips on how to​ add your team's colors to​ any room of​ the​ house:

• Select a​ feature wall in​ an​ area, usually one without doors or​ windows, to​ use as​ a​ focal point in​ a​ room. This wall could be perfect for​ accenting. the​ remaining walls may be painted a​ neutral color for​ a​ contrast with the​ colorful wall.

• Additional color may be incorporated with furniture painted and​ accented with color, or​ with accessories such as​ lamp bases, fabrics for​ throws or​ pillows.

• if​ your team's colors include metallics such as​ silver or​ bronze, incorporate additional items such as​ picture frames or​ chairs.

Created in​ partnership with ICI Paints and​ the​ Glidden Brand, Team Colors are available exclusively at​ the​ Home Depot stores nationwide.

A New Way Sports Fans Can Show Their Loyalty

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