A Mental Wilderness Survival Kit

A Mental Wilderness Survival Kit

A survival kit should be carried by anyone who goes deep into the​ wilderness. What should be in​ it? Matches, a​ blade of​ some sort, and​ first aid supplies are among the​ usual recommendations. When you read the​ true stories of​ survival, though, you start to​ see that it​ is​ what's in​ a​ persons head that often determines if​ they survive or​ not. What, then, should be in​ this mental survival kit?

A Survival Kit in​ Your Mind

1. Willingness to​ learn. Even those who know nothing about survival until lost in​ the​ wilderness can still learn as​ they go - if​ they are willing to. if​ you're cold, watch that squirrel dive under a​ pile of​ leaves, and​ try that to​ stay warm (it works). Notice what's working and​ what isn't, and​ keep trying new things.

2. Willingness to​ do what's necessary. This is​ one of​ the​ most important items in​ your mental survival kit. Hey, they can eat hissing cockroaches just for​ the​ chance to​ win some money on "Fear Factor," so you can do it​ to​ save your life, right? Spoon with your buddy to​ stay warm, break open logs to​ find grubs to​ eat - do whatever it​ takes.

3. Positive attitude. This is​ an​ essential. in​ many stories of​ survival it​ is​ clear that those who expected to​ survive did. Even if​ you're not sure you can survive, encourage this attitude by acting as​ if​ you expect to.

4. Inspirational thoughts. This is​ how to​ have that positive attitude. an​ easy and​ enjoyable way to​ get this inspiration is​ to​ read true stories of​ wilderness survival. Some of​ the​ stories are about situations far worse than anything you are ever likely to​ encounter. Remembering them at​ the​ appropriate time is​ a​ sure way to​ see that you can survive. tell them to​ others too, if​ you are in​ a​ group.

5. Wilderness survival knowledge. You don't have to​ go to​ a​ survival training school to​ read and​ remember that you can safely eat all North American mammals, or​ that you can stuff your jacket with cattail fluff to​ create a​ winter coat. Any little bit helps, so learn a​ new trick or​ two each season, or​ take an​ edible plant guide on your next hike.

6. Reasons to​ survive. We all have reasons to​ want to​ live, but we need to​ remember to​ pull out those reasons when the​ time comes. Many people have attributed their survival to​ the​ constant thought of​ a​ loved one waiting for​ them, or​ something they want in​ the​ future.

Maybe you've already done this mental preparation, but it​ can't hurt to​ look over the​ list above again. is​ there anything you need to​ work on in​ your mental survival kit?

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