A Mans Guide To The Perfect Filipina Bride

A Mans Guide To The Perfect Filipina Bride

In order to​ find your perfect Filipina match you must first know what real Filipina women are (not the misperceptions of​ Filipinas you have grown up with) and make sure you can deal with certain issues once the marriage is​ official.

Do Filipina women prefer Western men to​ Filipino men?

All a​ Filipina wants when looking for a​ man is​ a​ stable lasting relationship. Considering the double standards in​ the Philippines and the fact that they don’t have divorce, it​ is​ true that Filipina women have a​ lot to​ contemplate when considering marrying a​ Filipino man. Western men are perceived as​ being more modern and loving than Filipinos so it​ is​ no surprise when they are more desirable for a​ life companion.

Do Filipina women prefer men who are many years their senior?

Statistically, Western men who are looking for a​ Filipina wife are above the age of​ 35. What makes them desirable is​ that they are perceived by Filipinas as​ more mature, less promiscuous, and financially stable. Such men have a​ better than average income, a​ college education and most have been divorced once and are seeking a​ stable lasting life-long relationship.

Is it​ true that Filipinas are submissive little sex kittens?

Now here is​ the inconsistency. Many western men want their future Filipina wife to​ be a​ virgin, and yet they are unwilling to​ accept the limitations that such virtue implies. They wish for a​ wife with no sexual history, yet hope that she has nothing else on her mind other than to​ please their sexual desire.
In reality many Filipinas have advanced degrees of​ education and professional lives. it​ could hardly be presumed that their only purpose in​ life is​ to​ fulfill some man's wildest dreams. What you do get when marrying a​ Filipina is​ woman dedicated to​ her family and striving to​ keep her marriage successful.

Do you want a​ big family?

Family will always remain a​ great priority for Filipino women; and not just any family, but a​ big extended family. Ask yourself if​ you want a​ big family and children (more children) because you can be sure that any Filipina does.

Are you religious?

There are three primary religions in​ the Philippines: 83% Roman Catholic, 9% Protestant and 5% Muslim. it​ is​ common amongst Filipino society to​ raise the family in​ the church. So be prepared for some soul-searching on this matter since she is​ probably more devoted to​ her religion than you are to​ yours. Your perspective Filipina bride would most likely dream of​ a​ church wedding, and some families even forbid their daughters to​ get married without one.

Are you ready to​ accept your new wife's family as​ your own?

You should be prepared to​ provide financial assistance to​ your new, extended family when they have a​ need of​ medical attention, or​ things like schooling or​ food. if​ you are capable and refuse to​ help them, your lack of​ generosity would be inexplicable for your Filipina wife and though she may not say anything, she will neither respect you nor understand.

Are you looking for a​ Filipina wife because you hate the women of​ your own country?

You realize that it​ is​ not reasonable to​ hate an​ entire gender, right? Even within the confines of​ a​ single country. if​ you are marrying a​ Filipina, it​ should be because of​ who she is, not who she is​ not.

Basically these are the main guides you should follow when deciding whether a​ Filipina wife is​ right for you. if​ you can handle these issues, I think you have made a​ great decision by choosing a​ Filipina for your life companion and I can only wish you luck in​ finding the perfect Filipina bride for you!

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