A Mans Guide To Buying Lingerie For His Lady

A Man's Guide to​ Buying Lingerie for his Lady
Most men know nothing about picking out lingerie, which is​ understandable because it​ can be confusing .​
What type of​ lingerie to​ buy, what size, what color - how is​ a​ man to​ know? Here is​ a​ little guide to​ help you when choosing lingerie for that special someone.

There are a​ few things to​ consider before you go out .​
What does she like? Remember that you will not be wearing this - she will and you should go out with the intent on getting something she will like .​
If she is​ not into lacey, tiny, see-through teddies, chances are if​ you buy that, she will not be in​ much of​ a​ mood to​ wear it​ and you may never see it .​
So keep what she likes in​ mind .​

If you do not know, check out her nightgown/lingerie drawer before you leave .​
Check for material type (cotton, silk, etc.), colors, and most importantly, size .​
She may be flattered if​ she wears a​ large and you get her a​ small, but if​ she wears a​ small and you buy her a​ large, you may find yourself in​ trouble .​
Avoid anything that says control on the label .​
Those items are used to​ firm and flatten tummys and rears and she would probably not appreciate receiving them as​ a​ gift .​

Another thing to​ remember is​ if​ the store offers to​ wrap the lingerie let them .​
Dainty lingerie will look better in​ their wrapping than if​ you wrap it​ in​ the paper left over from your cousin's birthday .​
Presentation is​ part of​ the package with lingerie .​
Also, if​ you are uncomfortable in​ the store, check out online stores that sell lingerie .​
You can always start at​ Victoria's Secret, but most major department stores like Macys and Nordstroms also sell lingerie .​
Final note - remember to​ keep your receipt just in​ case it​ is​ the wrong style, size, or​ color.
Now, what type of​ lingerie is​ available? Just about anything you can think of! Ask yourself what the occasion is .​
is​ this to​ let her know you love her? If so, something crotchless or​ see-through probably will not send that message .​
But, if​ it​ is​ for Valentine's Day or​ your anniversary, something a​ little more risqué might be appreciated .​
Bras alone have many different styles including push up, plunge, gel filled, padded, under wire, seamless, backless, strapless, open cup, and unpadded .​

If you are purchasing a​ bra and panty set, always check out what she has in​ her drawer beforehand and definitely make note of​ the size - of​ both the bra and panties .​
Most places sell at​ least one pair of​ panties that match each bra, but some will sell several so you can mix and match .​
It will help to​ know what type of​ panties she likes to​ wear too - thongs, briefs, or​ high cut bikini.
When it​ comes to​ sleepwear, it​ can be just as​ confusing .​
One type of​ sleepwear is​ babydoll pajamas .​
They usually have very thin straps, a​ plunging V neckline, and are very short with matching panties .​
You will find most of​ these made out of​ silk or​ satin, materials that always make a​ woman feel good about herself .​
But, if​ she feels her breasts are too big or​ too small, or​ thinks her stomach is​ too big, you might want to​ avoid babydoll pajamas .​

There are slips and chemises .​
Similar to​ the babydoll pajamas, these are a​ little longer and a​ little better at​ concealing problem areas such as​ breasts, butt or​ stomach .​
They too are usually made of​ silk or​ satin .​

Gowns are full-length versions of​ the babydoll .​
Many are see-through or​ lacey and can help put your woman in​ the mood .​
Babydolls, slips, chemises, and gowns may also come with a​ robe .​

A pajama set might not sound too sexy, but if​ it​ is​ silky, and buttons up the front, it​ can make your woman feel very sexy, especially if​ she is​ a​ plus size (size 18 or​ larger) .​
Boxer sets have become very popular lately .​
The tops are tight, with thin straps and usually a​ V neckline, although there are boxer sets with normal t-shirt tops.
If you are really looking for lingerie to​ spice up your love life, take a​ look at​ Frederick's of​ Hollywood (available online) .​
They have been selling sexy lingerie for over 50 years .​
They have a​ wide variety of​ garter belts, bustiers, corsets, teddies (similar to​ the babydoll, but one piece), crotchless panties, and fishnet stockings - items that may not be available at​ many stores that sell lingerie.
What type of​ lingerie you should get your love depends a​ lot on her self-esteem .​
Many big woman love sexy little teddies, but some will shy away from them, for fear of​ exposing too much of​ themselves .​
Most stores sell lingerie in​ plus sizes, which are a​ little less revealing .​
If she is​ really athletic, a​ boxer set might be something she would like .​
Thin women will look good in​ anything, but especially teddies, corsets, and babydolls.
When shopping for lingerie, try to​ keep in​ mind what she likes .​
If you purchase something similar to​ the lingerie she already has and in​ colors you know she likes, it​ will probably make her happy .​
But, keep the receipt just in​ case!

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