A Luxury Featherbed Delivers The Ultimate Sleep Experience

Today's luxury featherbeds are not your Grandma's featherbed. in​ her day it​ literally was a​ bag of​ feathers. There are many featherbeds available, the majority are made of​ 95% duck feather 5% duck down (not considered luxury). Feathers are flat with a​ hard quill, down is​ the soft undercoating from the bird's breast. Goose down is​ better than duck down, the down clusters are larger, and at​ least 50/50 down/feather is​ better than mostly feathers, which are hard and "crunchy", and they tend to​ leak out of​ the best featherproof casing over time.

There are some truly luxury featherbeds available using white goose down and feather, with larger percentages of​ high fill-power goose down, and even all down. The fill-power is​ the measurement of​ the down cluster's ability to​ loft up after compression. The higher lofting downs make puffier featherbeds. 650 fill-power or​ higher goose down for a​ featherbed is​ luxury quality. More down in​ your featherbed means a​ more luxurious look and an​ incomparable level of​ comfort. a​ down bed with all white goose down would be softer and the puffiest. More luxury to​ sink into.

The most common styles are baffle box, 3 compartment, or​ channel . it​ is​ better to​ have a​ baffle box to​ keep the filling from unwanted shifting, and at​ least a​ 3" - 4" baffle.

Always use a​ featherbed cover to​ protect your featherbed or​ down bed. Choose one that will accommodate the baffle construction to​ allow the filling (especially if​ it​ is​ a​ high percentage of​ down or​ all down) to​ loft up, and with zippers on 3 sides for easy removal. Fluff up, and turn over your featherbed weekly when you wash the cover. Send your featherbed to​ a​ down bedding specialist for cleaning every 3 or​ 4 years and for renovation after 7 - 10 years. Another good idea is​ to​ invest in​ some extra deep fitted sheets so that you get the full loft of​ your featherbed. a​ too tight fitted sheet will pull the featherbed down making it​ flatter. This would defeat the purpose of​ having a​ high down content luxury featherbed.

An investment in​ a​ quality featherbed or​ down bed is​ well worth it​ since it​ will deliver an​ unparalleled level of​ comfort for life with proper cleaning and renovation. Purchasing from a​ down specialist ensures a​ wide selection to​ choose from and knowledgeable staff. Choose a​ specialist that offers expert cleaning/renovation services so you will have your luxury featherbed for life.

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