A Look Inside Frequent Flyer Programs

A Look Inside Frequent Flyer Programs

Airlines know the​ price of​ getting a​ new customer. and​ they know that it’s a​ whole lot easier and​ less expensive to​ keep the​ customers that they already have. for​ this reason, airlines started frequent flyer programs. These programs reward you the​ more you fly.

Frequent flyer programs let you to​ receive certain travel benefits based on the​ number of​ miles (or sporadically the​ number of​ trips) you fly on a​ specific airline. Standard awards include a​ free ticket or​ a​ free upgrade from coach to​ first class.

Some airlines also offer "elite" programs that provide check-in and​ boarding priorities, and​ "affinity" credit cards which earn mileage credits when you use them for​ purchases.
In order to​ earn these benefits you must become a​ member of​ that airline’s program; this can often be done through a​ travel agency.

There isn’t a​ how many programs you can join. But before you decide which program to​ join, you should compare different programs carefully.

Every airline program carries conditions and​ limitations. So you should be careful to​ read the​ promotional material and​ the​ all the​ fine print. Here are a​ few things you should take a​ look at:

- the​ rate at​ which credits are earned, minimum credits earned per flight

- if​ you are more interested in​ free tickets for​ yourself, or​ companion tickets, or​ upgrades

- How much credit you need for​ the​ awards you’re interested in

- What are the​ deadlines for​ accumulated credits?

- Does the​ airline serve the​ cities you’re traveling to, and​ if​ it​ has tie-ins or​ other airlines and​ to​ car rental companies and​ hotels you would use.

- if​ awards can be transferred to​ someone else or​ just members only

Also, airlines reserve the​ right to​ make changes at​ any time. More often than not, without notice. This can include changes to​ the​ conditions and​ limits on the​ awards earned.

You should also be keeping track of​ the​ mileage you've earned and​ check it​ against the​ statement the​ airline mails to​ you.

It's not uncommon that airlines add new routes after you join the​ program.You might be able credits on that route but not use awards there.

Another important not that you should be aware of​ is​ that airlines usually restrict the​ transfer of​ mileage earnings. Most often being the​ sail or​ attempted sale of​ credits or​ awards you've earned and​ want to​ sell. You should never try this as​ the​ airlines have caught on to​ these schemes and​ actively persue it.

A Look Inside Frequent Flyer Programs

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