A Look At Snoring Treatments

A Look At Snoring Treatments

A Look at ​ Snoring Treatments
If your own efforts to stop snoring do not help, consult your physician or​ an otolaryngologist or​ a​ doctor for​ the​ ear, nose, and​ ​ throat. ​
if ​ you choose to try a​ dental appliance as​ a​ snoring treatment, you will need to see a​ dentist specializing in these devices. ​
Some medical snoring treatments are continuous positive airway pressure CPAP, oral devices including dental appliances and​ ​ lower jaw positioners, and​ ​ surgery. ​

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure consists of​ sleeping with an air mask to maintain continuous air pressure in the​ throat. ​
CPAP is​ a​ treatment for​ sleep apnea, as​ well as​ for​ snoring.
A wide range of​ dental appliances, oral devices, and​ ​ lower jaw adjusters are available to alleviate snoring. ​
Some people experience significant improvement with these oral appliances, which bring the​ lower jaw forward during sleep. ​
Most of​ the​ products fit inside the​ mouth, but some products on the​ market are worn around the​ head and​ ​ chin to adjust the​ position of​ the​ lower jaw. ​

As far as​ surgery goes, Thermal Ablation Palatoplasty TAP treats snoring and​ ​ various types of​ Obstructive Sleep Apnea. ​
The types of​ TAP include laserassisted uvula palatoplasty LAUP and​ ​ radiofrequency ablation or​ somnoplasty. ​
Laserassisted uvula palatoplasty LAUP vaporizes the​ uvula and​ ​ a​ portion of​ the​ palate with a​ laser in the​ doctors office under local anesthesia. ​
LAUP effectively removes obstructions to the​ airway, which may be causing snoring or​ sleep apnea.
LaserAssisted Uvula Palatoplasty has a​ higher success rate than Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty for​ sleep apnea U

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